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Ireland Golden Retrievers (Ontario, Canada) Photo Ireland Golden Retrievers (Ontario, Canada) photo Ireland Golden Retrievers (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Established in 2005 by Peggy and David Proud in Southern Ontario, Ireland Golden Retrievers specializes in the breeding of purebred Golden Retrievers.
Longgun Goldens Reg'd (Ontario, Canada) Photo Longgun Goldens Reg'd (Ontario, Canada) photo Longgun Goldens Reg'd (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Reputable breeder in Northeastern Ontario who believes that Goldens should be able to do what they were bred for. Come see what our Goldens can do.
Maplelane Golden Retrievers Reg'd (Ontario, Canada) Photo Maplelane Golden Retrievers Reg'd (Ontario, Canada) photo Maplelane Golden Retrievers Reg'd (Ontario, Canada) New Window
At Maplelane Golden Retrievers, we strive to provide golden puppies that are versatile family companions. We want our Goldens to be what they were meant to be, an excellent family companion, always at your side, entertaining, dedicated, tolerant and always seeking affection or insisting you play fetch.
Ramblin Goldens (Ontario, Canada) Photo Ramblin Goldens (Ontario, Canada) photo Ramblin Goldens (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Small reputable breeder in Southampton, Ontario. We breed only quality puppies from health certified dogs that are true representatives of the breed. We only have a couple of litters a year so be sure to check us out to get on the waiting list.
Rebelcreek Reg'd Kennels (Ontario, Canada) Photo Rebelcreek Reg'd Kennels (Ontario, Canada) photo Rebelcreek Reg'd Kennels (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Our Golden Retriever puppies are quality puppies, bred from Golden Retrievers which have full health clearances. All Rebelcreek Golden Retriever puppies come with a comprehensive health and temperament guarantee.
Turngold Golden Retrievers (Ontario, Canada) Photo Turngold Golden Retrievers (Ontario, Canada) photo Turngold Golden Retrievers (Ontario, Canada) New Window
At Turngold, we've set very high goals for our breeding program. First and foremost is the production of healthy, happy, sound puppies with excellent temperaments.
Kyon Kennels Reg'd (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Long-time breeders of top-winning BIS champions, excellent obedience workers and reliable hunting dogs, all with the typical gentle and trustworthy temperament that makes for ideal family pets.


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