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Good Shepherd Kennels (Ontario, Canada) Photo Good Shepherd Kennels (Ontario, Canada) photo Good Shepherd Kennels (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Quality German Shepherd Breeder In Canada producing working dogs with excellence in joint soundness, color and intelligence. It is our intention to continually improve upon the German Shepherd breed and produce dogs that are capable of peak performance in protection, search and rescue and drugs as well as being a trusted companion of even your smallest family members.
Bullinger German Shepherds (British Columbia, Canada) New Window
All German Shepherd breeding stock, imported or domestic are from Schutzhund titled, breed surveyed and v-rated 100% German Bloodlines.
Gableridge Kennel (Ontario, Canada) New Window
We pride ourselves in producing German Shepherds with outstanding temperament and conformation for show, work and as loyal loving companions.
Hellwigg German Shepherds (Ontario, Canada) New Window
We stand by the dogs we produce and invite their families to keep in touch and discuss any concerns, difficulties and successes with us.
Roslinridge Kennels (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Our philosophy in breeding dogs is very simple: world-class, proven bloodlines combined with proper socialization and effective training will yield superior dogs.
Selah's German Shepherd Dogs (West Virginia, USA) New Window
Long time breeder of large long coat AKC German Shepherds. Calm stable temperament. OFA certified hips.


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