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Cäsarborg's Belgische Herders (Finland) New Window
Kennel information, working and show results, photographs, and pedigrees, and links.
Dreamfields Belgian Shepherds (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Breed information, photographs, and litter details.
du Fin Matois (Netherlands) New Window
Breeding show lines. Photographs, pedigrees, kennel information, and links.
Kennel de Conte de Fée (Netherlands) New Window
Our puppies are used to the normal daily sounds and things that living with a family brings. They are born in the house and stay there until they go to their new family. They have plenty of space, inside and outside, to play, run ,dig, to live the life of a healthy dog.
Kennel Kiosan's (Sweden) New Window
Photograph album, pedigrees, and breeding plans.
Landmark Belgian Tervuren (California, USA) New Window
We are dedicated to producing healthy, happy, trainable Belgians who excel in conformation, agility, herding and tracking.
Ravenmasque Belgian Shepherds (Ontario, Canada) New Window
Ravenmasque Belgian Shepherds is where I share my love for Belgians and show some of my dogs and their accomplishments. Breed info and links to related sites.
Sprite Belgians (California, USA) New Window
Working line Belgian Tervuren with the stability, trainability, enthusiasm, and physical soundness needed for top performance. Specializing in versatile performance dogs for the competitive dog sports handler.
Tintigny Tervuerens (Scotland) New Window
We have been involved in Tervuerens since 1990 and our family life revolves entirely around our current residents.


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