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Cuebiyar Australian Shepherds (New South Wales, Australia) New Window
I conduct all breedings on the basis of improving the breed, hoping to keep something for myself, and I choose stud dogs with the aim to do the best I can to improve my bitch, not based on producing the current colour of choice.
Dancing Skies Kennel (Norway) New Window
The breeding of dogs is not something we take lightly. We breed one or two litters a year, and we carefully consider each mating.
Painted Magic Australian Shepherds (Denmark) New Window
Puppies from Painted Magic Kennel are the results of very thorough research and planning, a lot of hard work and a great emotional involvement, it is therefore not possible for me to have more than approximately one litter per year.
Western Recall's Australian Shepherds (Vienna, Austria) New Window
Here at Western Recall's we are breeding the versatile Australian Shepherd. We want to stress this outstanding ability of this breed, working dogs, that were bred to do many tasks. Character and health of our breeding stock is very important for us, all our dogs have excellent hip scores (HD-A1), are free of inheritable eye diseases and have complete scissors bites.


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