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Broekutty Broekutty
she is so cute, fun loving babe and love biscuits and so obedient and energetic. wish to play any time and best companion of our family....... we love her so much.....
Velayudhapani Ponnuswamy
chennai, tamilnadu chennai, tamilnadu

Mr Darcy Mr Darcy
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Mr Darcy
This is Mr. Darcy my friend's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel tri. She named him Mr. Darcy after Pride and Prejudice.
Sarahjane Godsall

Tank Tank
Tank is very sweet, dog he will lick you to death, loves kids and loves to run and dig.
Pearlana Godfrey
Texas Texas

Keira Keira
Mixed Breed
Keira is very sweetie but oh so sassy. She is a 21 months old mini Doxie mixed with a Treeing Walker Coonhound. But, as you can see she has taken most of the Doxie traits (including attitude). She loves playing fetch with her tennis ball as long as she gets treats for returning it. She is very much of a yapper and loves to be the center of attention! Just gotta love her! LOL
Shelly D
Wisconsin Wisconsin

Zola Zola
Basset Hound
I am almost human. I have a Basset and a Daschhound brother and two Basset sisters. I rule the pack and most of the time the whole household. I have a kennel outside "my" house, I would like to give it away, cause I never use it anyway. I love my family and love to play
Gerhard Zeelie
Western Cape Western Cape

Lassie Lassie
Shetland Sheepdog
Not Forgotten
This is my female sheltie. Her name was Lassie she lived to be 14 and she was the best dog anyone could ask for she never bark unless she was suppose to, she stayed in the yard and was very lovely plus friendly pretty much like the tv "Lassie" but she will be forgoten love u puppy also in pic is my cat Bunni
Lindsey S
Florida Florida

Jackpott Jackpott
Jack Russell Terrier
Jackpott is an incredible JRT. He fetches, catches the frisbee in mid-air, and will generally bring back anything you throw! He is full of kisses and loves to sit in your lap like a human child! He also loves his night time in the bed and my pillow!
Kayla Coker
Texas Texas

Torres Torres
Golden Retriever
Not Forgotten
our torres was toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute handsome and alose lazy. this is the photo when he was 3 months old. its also been 3 months after he left us but v still cry for him. hoy torres u r aiways in our prayers love u lots.
Tamanna Paul

Bandit Bandit
Mixed Breed
Bandit is a 10 moth old pup collie mix i hope he is a collie greman sheperd.
Lizzy M
nv nv

Avalanche And Addelyn Avalanche And Addelyn
American Eskimo Dog
Avalanche And Addelyn
Avalanche "Avi" and Addelyn "Adi" spend the day playing at the lake. We really enjoyed the slide :0)
Stacie R.
Northeast Missouri Northeast Missouri

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