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Solo Solo
Italian Greyhound
Solo is playful, spoiled and takes his role as pet very seriously :)
Maryland, USA Maryland, USA

Alfie Alfie
Brussels Griffon
Alfie is my super cute, super tiny brussels griffon. My baby, part of the family and truly the best thing that ever happened to me and my partner. We love him immensely and even though he is only 5 months old we couldn't imagine our lives without all 1.2kgs of him!
Bryony Robinson
Wellington Wellington

Todie Todie
He is vey hpy smart dog whom we lveto death
Wanda Locklear
shannon shannon

Astrid Helena Astrid Helena
Mixed Breed
Astrid Helena
Astrid Helena is a 10 month old, coyote/basenji mix. About 3 months ago, Astrid was hit with Parvo and survived the disease. She is outgoing and playful. Astrid gets your attention by talking. She makes random growling and howling sounds. Astrid is being enrolled in training classes at Petsmart, and will become certified as a therapeutic dog.
Bryan Blasingame
Texas, USA Texas, USA

Zorro Desoto Zorro Desoto
Mixed Breed
Zorro Desoto
My husband and I adopted a 4-month-old jug (hybrid between a pug and a jack Russell terrier) and we named him Zorro. He is very playful and energetic but he also loves to cuddle. He is very smart and in less than 2 weeks he was potty trained. Zorro is adorable and always gets a lot of attention when we take him out. Thank you Bernadette for all of you help. We could not be happier with Zorro.
Becky & Adrian D.
New York, USA New York, USA

Petit Prince De Tavernolles Petit Prince De Tavernolles
West Highland White Terrier
Petit Prince De Tavernolles
Petit Prince is 10 years old, he likes to play, he likes fish like a cat and cheese like a mouse hehe. He has a pretty head and everybody likes it.
Monique Beyan
Grenoble, France Grenoble, France

Moocha Harrison Moocha Harrison
Moocha Harrison
She is an English Bull Dog. Her favorite thing to do is lay around the house and sleep. She loves ice cream, and eating ice. Her favorite toy is a Tigger stuff animal. She is the best puppy in the world. :-)
Moocha Harrison
Baltimore Maryland Baltimore Maryland

Mitzii Mitzii
got her from the Kosciusko County Animal Shelter, from the moment i saw her, i was hooked, she gives as much love as she can. each day is great seeing this puppy enter the house. she shows her love with her little stub of a tail wagging as hard as she can. its so cute seeing it,
Jerry Deaton
ind ind

Salem Salem
West Highland White Terrier
Well, Salem is a cute dog, he likes to play, to go to the mountain and he loves chicken.
Anette Bitay
Spain Spain

Ginger Ginger
English Springer Spaniel
Ginger is a very serious ESS. She was waiting for her cake to arrive on her birthday.
Ana A.
Virginia Virginia

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