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Sasha Alice Sasha Alice
Doberman Pinscher
Sasha Alice
she is 3 months old cuttieeeeee....
Prasanth Moli
Coimbatore, Tamil nadu Coimbatore, Tamil nadu

Gus & Zoe Gus & Zoe
Gus & Zoe
Can you tell by the smile on Gus' face that him & his twin sister, Zoe (in tow) were having a blast during one of our recent snow storms?
Samantha R
Amsterdam, NY Amsterdam, NY

Amosmoses Amosmoses
Amos taking over my Lazyboy by the fire and daring me to try to make him get out. Amosmoses is the KING of the house and alas I am his willing slave.
Robert Bennett
USA ROCKS Bermuda Rolls USA ROCKS Bermuda Rolls

Amosmoses Amosmoses
AmosMoses is styling and profiling Woohoo
Bob Bennett

Toto Toto
Cairn Terrier
Not Forgotten
Toto, was a fun loving dog. When he was younger he loved to jump on everyone and licked them. As he got older he just always slept on the floor 24/7. He was the greatest Carin Terrier I ever had and I will miss him so much. Gone but never forgotten. 1997-2013
Elyse C
North Carolina North Carolina

Ziva and Jake Ziva and Jake
Shetland Sheepdog
Ziva and Jake
This is Ziva (L) and Jake on (R) playing. Jake is almost 3yrs old and needed a playmate so we adopted Ziva. Ziva made it 4 yrs. on Christmas Eve 2012 and they have become very close friends and love to run and play together.
Debbie Robillard
Louisiana, USA Louisiana, USA

JJ was quite the package. He could make me mad and laugh at the same time. Total Affen personality. Big bad attitude in a little body. Very independent, always on the lookout for an adventure. I miss him everyday... the "little lovable rat".
Joe Dolen

The Famous Amos Moses The Famous Amos Moses
The Famous Amos Moses
Amos Moses is the most popular English American Bulldog on the Block and even the Internet. Here he is at the laundry mat.
R.J. Bennett
New York New York

Sissy Sissy
This is my 5 year old pug named Sissy. She loves to chase birds and attention. Her familys been in ours since my mom was a kid. I've had a ton of dogs in the past, but not one was as special as her. She means alot to me and I don't know what i'll do without her.
Haley James
Globe, AZ Globe, AZ

Gwen Gwen
Always having fun taking picture of Gwen!
usa usa

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