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Zeus Zeus
I think he is human. Zeus is lazy.... goofy.... and so affectionate.
Nicole Cicero
Old Bridge, NJ Old Bridge, NJ

Dexter Dexter
Mixed Breed
Meet Dexter. He is fun, fearless and has endless energy. Isn't he a cute little bugger?
Maureen S
Burlington Burlington

Sir Truus Trouble Sir Truus Trouble
Mixed Breed
Sir Truus Trouble
Sir Truus Trouble, a dog from Greece, now 4, 5 years old and living in the Netherlands. From Shelterdog to Housedog.
Villa Zwerfhond

Bubbles And Precious Bubbles And Precious
Shih Tzu
Bubbles And Precious
Bubbles is 5 years old ( the smaller one) and precious is two.
Kes Mc
Nassau Nassau

Rubie Rose Rubie Rose
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Rubie Rose
Rubie Rose at 11 weeks old. She loves the world and loves everything she sees in life. People, dogs, cats, birds and oh bugs.
Tammy Onstott
Concord, CA Concord, CA

Maize Maize
Basset Hound
She is extremely affectionate.
J Marin
Alberta Alberta

Wiley Wiley
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Wiley is the coolest most docile dog in the world and I love him so much he is my best friend
Cassi Cassi
North Carolina North Carolina

Charlie Charlie
Field Spaniel
We love him very much! Lovely, glamour son!
Liliya Vargo
Canada, Calgary,Albberta Canada, Calgary,Albberta

Charlie Charlie
Boston Terrier
Charlie is a red seal Boston Terrier and he is 8 weeks old in this picture. Very sweet and loves kids. He also gives a bunch of kisses!
Ldm Mc
Indiana Indiana

Ruthie as Josephine Baker - Halloween 2009 Ruthie as Josephine Baker - Halloween 2009
Boston Terrier
Ruthie as Josephine Baker - Halloween 2009
Ruthie is my eight year old Boston Terrier who is as gentle as the wind and is loving and understanding. Ruthie is truly the best dog in the world.
Tim Francisco
Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ

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