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Jimmy Jimmy
Mixed Breed
My Jimmy is my love. she is very naughty, she always love to play. we cant live without her
Manish Patel
gujarat, ahmedabad gujarat, ahmedabad

Peanut, Ut Doots, and Cuddles Peanut, Ut Doots, and Cuddles
Peanut, Ut Doots, and Cuddles
These are our girls. A full-time job, but worth it.
Robin A
Arizona Arizona

Amosmoses Amosmoses
Amosmoses is the BEST Bully on the planet.
Amos Moses

Jules Jules
Jules, my little devil! He is the "brother" of my angel Cibelle!
Anny G
Liège Liège

Cibelle Cibelle
Cibelle my little beauty. She is an angel.
Anny G
liège liège

Harley Harley
Yorkshire Terrier
Harley loves to cuddle and loves his treat, and treats. (LOL) He is 1 year old & loves his mom & dad.
Harley G
Dyer, Indiana Dyer, Indiana

Rowdy Rowdy
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
this rowdy at 6 wks. full of spunk and to lazy to move all in the same pup.
Derik Byrd
kentucky usa kentucky usa

Paniz Paniz
Mixed Breed
she's the best
Marjan Nasirzadeh
tehran tehran

Hollyrood Houndstounge - Zippo Hollyrood Houndstounge - Zippo
Scottish Deerhound
Hollyrood Houndstounge - Zippo
Zippo is the most incredible Deerhound... He IS "Scottish Deerhound".. He is the best companion anyone could want.
Cassandra C
Edmonton, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta

Bentley Beefy Stamps Bentley Beefy Stamps
Bentley Beefy Stamps
we just baught our litlle baby he is an ebglish bulldog and we are loving every minute of him and so do our kids i would like to reccommend getting a bulldog for a family pet if anyone is looking. He is a wonderful dog for the family
Jennifer Stamps
rome ga rome ga

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