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Honey Honey
Golden Retriever
Honey is very playful and kind with kids. She is very respectful when we eat because she goes to a corner and sits there while we are eating. Honey is very intelligent. We are showing her how to sit, how to lay and how to walk in the leas properly!
Carmen Pleitez
Kansas City, USA Kansas City, USA

Bogie Bogie
Basset Hound
Bogie is 4 years old. He is a member of Pet A Pet, we go to the nursing home in our area and he cheers the folks up.
B Joseph
Michigan Michigan

Rudy Rudy
Rudy is our fourth greyhound adopted from GPA Central Florida. There is nothing like a greyhound. What a guy!
Nancy P.
Florida Florida

Ali Ali
Border Collie
Ali was a stray dog that was so intimitaded. he was dirty & thin. we moved over 500 miles & brought him with us. he has come a long way. he is the most loving & loved dog & he knows it!
Ray Bronikowski
Toledo,Ohio Toledo,Ohio

Bella Bella
Mixed Breed
Bella is a 1 1/2 year old rescue. We got her in November of 2009 and she is so grateful we took her in. We are too:)
Tracy N

Tank Tank
Tank's a bit of a nutcase sometimes.
Erick S
San Diego, CA San Diego, CA

Bear Bear
Not Forgotten
he is 7 month and c
David W
england england

Lady Giselle Lady Giselle
Brussels Griffon
Lady Giselle
giselle os almost 5 months, she is our first toy breed, we are GSD owners! she is a delight!
Carolyn Clark
texas texas

Zara Zara
Mixed Breed
Zara is 1 year old Australian Shepherd mixed puppy. Zara is so loving and absolutely loves all people and all animals. Zara loves to be outside and just watch birds, she loves to go for walks, play with her toys and swim. Zara loves to follow her mom around everywhere!
Ann Dougherty
Michigan Michigan

Pupi Pupi
Border Collie
He is a very adorable dog. He loves us. He likes to take long walks and the the thing he likes most is to mark the trees. He is the most clever dog on earth. He knows when is time to go out, only with filling me. He's a very good friend and sometimes he easily gets nervous!
Edrin Spahiu
Tirana Albania Tirana Albania

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