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Daisy Daisy
Border Collie
My dog is cute, loving, talented, and loves to play. Daisy is about 4 1/2 years old. she is a great dog!
colorado colorado

King King
Mixed Breed
King is about 8 months old, he acts like he is 12 though. Mellow and cute, he is by far the best dog I ever had because he can make anyone laugh. Laughing is our soul singing out loud. He is also a great body guard.
Cami Oana
Portland, Oregon Portland, Oregon

Scooby Scooby
Labrador Retriever
hi meet my dog"scooby". he is 2y old golden lab. lovable, foodish and good bhehaviour are some word's to describe my dog. he is extremly good with my nurshing patient's. scooby loves to play with "jenny" she is also 2y black female lab. he screfice everything for jenny. both are made for each other.
Dr Neelam Jha and Dr Hk Jha Jha
bailey road, nahar -khagual road, patna bailey road, nahar -khagual road, patna

Scooter & Spark Scooter & Spark
Scooter & Spark
Definitely sibs...
Wendell Kisner
Alberta Alberta

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Kingdom of AmosMoses
Bb Bennett
Upstate NY Upstate NY

Famous Amos Famous Amos
Famous Amos
Hot Diggity Doggie
Eggs Ackley
Usa Rocks but the Coral Sea Rolls Usa Rocks but the Coral Sea Rolls

Scooby Scooby
Labrador Retriever
hi, meet my dog "scooby". he is 2y old handsome, sexy, brave and lovable lab dog. his nature is very humane, he keep elegant behaviour with my nurshing patient. he love to eat food but he share his food with "jenny". she is also 2y old black female lab. scooby is waiting for playing with jenny hole day. when she not came he feel very sad and lonely. both pair are pairless and made for each other.
Dr.Neelam Jha & Dr H.K Jha Jha
niti nurshing home,bailey road,patna niti nurshing home,bailey road,patna

Liza Buragohain Liza Buragohain
Labrador Retriever
Liza Buragohain
my little girl liza, she is my 5th and my youngest baby in my dog family.
Julie Buragohain
delhi 110049 delhi 110049

Jean Luc Jean Luc
Poodle (Toy)
Jean Luc
Meet Jean Luc, my 4 month old toy phantom poodle. He is a bundle of joy.
Sheela Collins
Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga

Blue Blue
Basset Hound
Blue is a typical Basset he is a rogue, a rebel and the most lovable boy I have ever had the pleasure to own. He loves to play with his lifelong friend Poe who is a PUG.
Lynda Thomson
England England

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