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Miss Sabrina Miss Sabrina
Miss Sabrina
Sabrina is a Teacup Maltese. She will be 3 in November 2010. Sabrina knows she is cute and loves to run up to people on her walks to say Hi
Laura Haywood
Fair Oaks, California USA Fair Oaks, California USA

Kookiss Kookiss
Shih Tzu
Kookiss is a wonderful baby. She's always excited to see me. She loves to sit beside me and watch movies. She loves everyone, especially my mom who spoils her.
Pie Samonte
Paranaque City Paranaque City

Gone But Not For Gotten Gone But Not For Gotten
Not Forgotten
Gone But Not For Gotten
Flynn brought so much love and hope into our lives, rescued from a breeder, he was skin and bone... he was a wonderful dog, loved by all and truly missed. God bless and lots of hugs and kisses xxxxx
West Sussex West Sussex

Ensign Duffy Ensign Duffy
Ensign Duffy
"Duffy" is a very special little lad. He has the ability to "diagnose" internal medical ailments. Recently I dislocated my left shoulder and unknown to me, had nearly severed the rotator cuff. Duffy sat on the arm rest of my recliner with his snout up under my T-shirt sleeve gently licking it one day after I injured it. When I went to place an ice pack on it, he actually leaned on the towel-covered pack to keep it in place for nearly 20 minutes without moving. My surgeon is amazed!
Kathryn Demary
Carlsbad, California Carlsbad, California

Liza And Rocky Buragohain Liza And Rocky Buragohain
Mixed Breed
Liza And Rocky Buragohain
Rocky, is a mixed breed of a lab and a hound. he is an extremely talented boy. i hate to call him a dog coz he is more a part of our family and takes part in everthing we do, from watchin movies, goin out for walks to takin a nap together. here sharing a light moment with his live in partner/girlfriend liza. i love you guys.
Julie Buragohain
delhi 110049 delhi 110049

Little Ballou Little Ballou
Little Ballou
Ballou is a very special boy. I have 9 in the house and he is the littlest one. He is a flirt and can coax anybody to pick him up.
Mama Gramma Mary

Monkey Monkey
Monkey is a 2 year old Bullmastiff as of 3. 23. 08. I love him so dearly, and I also show him in a 4-H program.
Olivia D.
Washington, Vancouver, USA Washington, Vancouver, USA

Chelsea Chelsea
Golden Retriever
Playful, friendly and very lovable. She's very active and gosh she's very intelligent. I can't wait to be home after work knowing she's waiting for us and wagging her tail just like saying "come on let's play I've missed you". Very fun-loving animal. I'm losing words to describe her. I love her so much...
Jopie Corpuz
Manila Manila

Basil Basil
Great Dane
Basil, is 6 yrs. old and a true "gentle giant". A sweetheart if there is one!
Jane Reiss
Kansas, USA Kansas, USA

Baby Leone Baby Leone
Labrador Retriever
Baby Leone
Baby Leone is an extremely cute 3 month old Labrador Retriever. He is very naughty but pretends to be one of the most innocent puppy ever. This photo was taken when he was just 40 days old. I just love him and am proud to be called his mother.
Aditi Barkakati
New Delhi New Delhi

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