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Zeus Zeus
Great Dane
Zeus is an absolute joy! However he and our other dane have a strange fetish for eating socks! . He was 8 weeks in the photo having a siesta with our Harlequin and Lab and is now 5 and a half months old now.
Alon Myerson
Johannesburg Johannesburg

Alf Alf
German Shepherd Dog
Alf is a big, happy dufus. He loves his family, watching TV, and going for walks. His Nan buys him a Shank bone every week, and he waits for her when she goes shopping. Alf is very protective of his children, rounding them up in the yard, and not allowing strangers near them. His interests are: sleeping, sleeping, staring lovingly at his Mum, sleeping and rides in the car to pick his children up from school. He is the best dog EVER!
Kate Cooper
Southern Highlands Southern Highlands

Claudia-Marie Claudia-Marie
West Highland White Terrier
Claudia-Marie is just a tad bit spoiled. She is the alpha dog at our home. She just ran her first 5 K race this past weekend for Paws for the Cause. A 5K helping the Humane Society. She is a very sweet dog and enjoys going for runs and walks with me.
Alabama Alabama

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
famous amosmoses by his river

Genius Genius
German Shepherd Dog
he is genius. very aggressive nd itz of 5 and a half month old in d picture. i luv him alot. he escaped his death twice.
Ayush Chaudhary
Moradabad, UP Moradabad, UP

Little Buddy Little Buddy
Little Buddy
Buddy loves EVERYONE! Although many of the people in our neighborhood don't know my name, most of our neighbors within a 2 block radius know Buddy by name! Buddy is also obsessed with cats. He loves them and wants them to play with him. If he hears the word "kitty" he is off and running in search of a new kitty friend.
Shelley Horsley
California California

Celo Celo
celo is a 11th month old dog, it is amature and pure home made. with dasing body.
Netrutva Patel
surat gujarat india surat gujarat india

Jude Jude
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Jude is now about 9 years old and is my most favorite among the 7 dogs we have at present. Before there were a dozen. A great buddy and most faithful, loves sweets and would you believe he's used to eating fruit. He sleeps only on my pillow and won't eat on his very own plate if it looks or smells filthy. He's very possessive and hates male visitors. Only me and my mom could cuddle him and every morning as soon as I'm awake, he waits for the kiss i give him on his forehead. I do miss him a lot now that I'm away from home.
Samm Ms
Koronadal Koronadal

Timber Timber
Timber is my boy, my protector and my best friend forever.
John Babb
Milford NH Milford NH

Bee and Shannon Bee and Shannon
Miscellaneous Breed
Bee and Shannon
these two are half sisters;full blooded rat terriers
Freida Bass
Alabama Alabama

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