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Izzy Izzy
West Highland White Terrier
Izzy has been with us for 5 months we got her 10 wks old. She loves outdoors, camping, and loves to watch TV. Her fav are Dancing with the stars (I guess all that movement) and Love It's Me or the Dog (probably all the barking). She can sit for minutes watching tv. She loves to play with lil kids. She is a great big joy to us. We lost our lil Yorkie of 15 yrs and was blessed with this puppy.
Cathy Travis
North Carolina North Carolina

Suki Suki
Mixed Breed
My dog Suki is a poodle beshon mix (called a peshon or a bipoo). He'll be turning 7 on November 15, 2010. I love him very much!
Emily G
Colorado Colorado

Monty Monty
Mixed Breed
Monty is a mixed breed dog originally from Tortola British Virgin Islands, now living in the New Forest Hampshire. He is just getting used to the animals and running in the open grounds and loving the water.
Teresa Hughes
England England

Titan Cdx Titan Cdx
German Shepherd Dog
Not Forgotten
Titan Cdx
Titan was an ex-operational police dog in New Zealand but was injured on duty and came to live with me as a pet. I will never forget any of my twelve other GSDs, but Titan was that "special" dog. We all have one. He was mine.
Jackie T
Whangaparaoa Whangaparaoa

Suki Suki
Mixed Breed
My dog Suki is a poodle bishon mix. Often called a bipoo or a peshon. He's turning 7 on November 15 and I love him very much!
Emily G
Colorado Colorado

Maisie Maisie
maisie loves children food birds food walks playing water rides in the car food. chicken necks coprice lamb shanks. lovable bossy turns somersaults. now 9 mths
Rosalie B
new south wales new south wales

Maximo Boo Maximo Boo
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Maximo Boo
Maximo Boo is a bright, friendly and tough dog. He loves playing outside and eating his favorite treats (doggy peanut butter cookies).
Laura Irvine
New York, USA New York, USA

Dash Dash
He is the best dog ever and we love him. Hope you do too. He is 1 year as of 2010. Standard, reversed dapple, good with kids, good with cats (kinda).
Lindsay B.

Veto Vom Kümmelsee Veto Vom Kümmelsee
Veto Vom Kümmelsee
Very happy rottweiler!
Emelie Lindohf Kennel Debijante´S
Västra Götaland Västra Götaland

Piston and Pedal Piston and Pedal
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Piston and Pedal
This is a picture of our little 3 month old boy named Piston and our 1 year old girl named Pedal. We enjoy them soooo much!
Corrine L
Colorado Colorado

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