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Sir. Spartacus And Cookie Sir. Spartacus And Cookie
German Shepherd Dog
Sir. Spartacus And Cookie
Cookie is the bigger dog shes one and a half yrs old. Spartacus is 4 months old. They are sweet loving and caring dogs. They love to sleep and play with whatever they find.. A part of our family now.
Marcia Nicholas
India India

Erotas Erotas
Poodle (Toy)
Its name is "Beau The Erotas Of The Athenian Stars"! A top winning little boy, with a lot of personality and showmanship a multi champion! He is a lovely, funny, sweet, precious friend!
Pet Richard
France/Greece France/Greece

Poppy & Rosie In The Snow Poppy & Rosie In The Snow
Yorkshire Terrier
Poppy & Rosie In The Snow
Poppy & Rosie like to play in the snow at Christmas time.
Scotland Scotland

Poppy & Rosie In The Snow Poppy & Rosie In The Snow
Yorkshire Terrier
Poppy & Rosie In The Snow
Poppy & Holly enjoy playing in the snow
Scotland Scotland

Jake Jake
MY best friend who always keeps me warm and cuddles so close I find him on my head in the morning. He adores stuffed animals and is sooo smart he opens all the doors in the house. If you give him a treat he will clean the floors and vacum
Joanna B
new Jersey new Jersey

Kayanna Kayanna
Miniature Schnauzer
We adopted our spunky girl Kayanna (name means; keeper of the keys). She protects our home, sometimes a little too much. She is 1 1/2, and we couldn't imagine our life without her.
Juan and Nikki Avila
Bakersfield, CA Bakersfield, CA

Herbie Herbie
This is Herbie. He is quite lazy, but loves his walks. He gets one walk a day, from the local 13 year old dog walker, as i am elderly and my knees will give in if i try. But she said that he runs faster than any dog she knows!
Betty M
Sheffield Sheffield

Molly Molly
Shih Tzu
she is nise, sweet, and loves any one and she good with othere dogs.
Gabby Willsson
Independence, USA Independence, USA

Izzy Izzy
Not Forgotten
This is Izzy, she was the most excited dog you could ever meet! I think she was beautiful, totally!
Kathy Gregory
Mexico Mexico

Holly (l) and Oscar (r) Holly (l) and Oscar (r)
West Highland White Terrier
Holly (l) and Oscar (r)
These are my next door neighbour's dogs, but I have been walking them for 4 years now every single day, rain or shine, so they feel like my own. I love them soooooo much, and they are sooo cute! Holly jumps up and down on her back legs if anyone says her name, but Oscar is the complete opposite! He is extremely docile and loves a cuddle. He still loves his walkies though... he wouldn't miss them!
Rebecca W
Sheffield Sheffield

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