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Sammy Sammy
Mixed Breed
My dog is a 4yr old Chadauschund or Chaweenie. Obviously mixed Dauschund/Chuwawa. He is a lovable housedog.
Susan Stiebing
Louisiana Louisiana

Maxi Gurl Maxi Gurl
Maxi Gurl
My 2 year old boxer is so sweet and gentle, although she looks so scary to others.
Malu963 Ancheta
Marilao Bulacan Marilao Bulacan

Basha Basha
Belgian Malinois
Smart, determined, extremely protective, that's 5 months old Basha!
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Perk Perk
Lhasa Apso
8 months old.. friendly but aggressive :)
Dhairyadev Arora
New Delhi New Delhi

Izzy Izzy
Mixed Breed
Izzy is a Corgi / German Shepherd mix. She was abused but is now living in a happy loving home!
Ally J
Virginia, USA Virginia, USA

Izzy Izzy
Mixed Breed
my baby izzy! she is a 10 year old German Shepard- corgi mix, the best friend anyone could ask for! She has one floppy ear, and can really make weird noises, she was abused but is now living in a loving home!
Ally J

Amosmoses Amosmoses
Amos Rules
Famousamosmoses Amosmoses

Fluffy Fluffy
Chow Chow
Hi, this is my baby Fluffy. Here he is 3 years & 8 months old.
Charlene Travassos
Benoni Gauteng, South Africa Benoni Gauteng, South Africa

Buffy Buffy
Chow Chow
This is our newest family member her name is Buffy and she's 7 weeks old,
Charlene Travassos
Benoni, Gauteng South Africa Benoni, Gauteng South Africa

Kelli Anne Kelli Anne
Bichon Frise
Kelli Anne
Kelliu Anne, is our 5. 5 oz. Bichon Frise. We have had Kelli Anne for 3 years now and she, quite honestly, is the love of our lives. She is such a little Diva because she loves to be groomed and have her nails done but she also loves to roughhouse with her older brothers, Benjamin (an English Foxhound) and Chilly, (our older Bichon). Everyone who meets Kelli Anne just absolutely adores her and wishes that they could take her home but there is no way that we would allow that to ever happen because she is not only in our home but in our hearts too!
K Warner
Punta Gorda, FL Punta Gorda, FL

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