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Jinny Jinny
Lhasa Apso
Jinny is very cute. She is a child in our family.
Sandhya Singh
Lucknow Lucknow

Deuce Deuce
Australian Cattle Dog
Very loving, faithful and Intelligent. My BEST Buddy!
Brooksville, Florida USA Brooksville, Florida USA

Jetsta Jetsta
Mixed Breed
Jet is now 4 years old. I had him at 5 weeks. the most playful dog I've ever met. All day long he'll go get his ball and drop it at your feet to play. He can't get enough of chasing balls and sticks and being chased by my other dog over the field. He loves tripe sticks, the smellier the treat the better. He has recently being diagnosed with epilepsy which is a total shock as all his life he's been so healthy. He's my soldier and I love my Jetty. x
Zoe Woolaway
Birmingham UK Birmingham UK

Saffron Tuli Saffron Tuli
Mixed Breed
Saffron Tuli
Saffy is 19month old, I'm not sure of her breed staff/pitt maybe, she loves her sleep, playing with her ball and being fussed over, she's lazy, loveable and so pertective of her mommy and her home, she enjoys getting her ears scratched and her tummy rubbed, she gets through bones in minutes and loves tripe and biscuits, she likes to be the boss and rules my other dog, she hates cats and searches under cars for them, I love my girlie x
Zoe Woolaway
Birmingham UK Birmingham UK

Ted Ted
Labrador Retriever
Ted is 3 years old... he is fun loving and never likes to be lonely..... a very best friend.
Maria Varghese
Coimbatore Coimbatore

Sir Winston Sir Winston
Norfolk Terrier
Sir Winston
He is a rescue. 4 years old. When I addopted him, he was malnutritioned and obviously beaten. 6 months later, he is happy as can be and his full body weight!
Niki L
Texas Texas

Ted Ted
Labrador Retriever
cute boy
Maria Varghese
india india

Sam Sam
Labrador Retriever
sammy is very handsome
Ayush Gupta
mahratra india mahratra india

Madison and Emma Madison and Emma
Madison and Emma
These are my two angels, rescued when they were 8 weeks old. They're so loving, so much fun, and so very smart!
Mary P
Michigan Michigan

Beckett Beckett
Beckett is a great Friend and Frisbee Player as well as a great companion. Will only sleep in the bed never lays on the floor. Constantly looks for critters, sweet!
John Keeler

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