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Roxy Roxy
Labrador Retriever
My best friend... she follows me everywhere. No words to explain how much I love her. Shes my pretty girl.
Trisha M

Robo Robo
Saint Bernard
Robo is very calm but at times is very naughty.
Monica Sharma
Uttrakhand Uttrakhand

Oscar Oscar
German Shepherd Dog
Oscar is very loving playful boy--very nice with children and other dogs
Monica Sharma
Uttrakhand Uttrakhand

Boy Boy Boy Boy
Shih Tzu
Boy Boy
7 year old shih tzu with an attitude. :-p
Jolyn Lee
Singapore Singapore

Our Goofball Our Goofball
Mixed Breed
Our Goofball
Coda is the joy in our lives. He is super hyper and will run 24/7. He loves people and enjoys everyone he meets. He hates cats and hamsters. His best friend is a bunny named Tigger. His favourite things in life include the SURF DOGS event, tennis balls, sticks, and people who will pet him, play with him and give him attention. He is the best dog ever!
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Liked Forever, Loved For Always Liked Forever, Loved For Always
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Liked Forever, Loved For Always
Cooper was a great dog who was with us for 11 years. He loved everyone he met and was a great dog. He's greatly missed by our family and friends.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Shiki and Kizzy Shiki and Kizzy
Shiki and Kizzy
These are my girls Shiki and Kizzy, they are half Sisters, i have had Akitas since i was 8, i love them so much i could not have another breed, they really brighten up my day when i get home from work and show so much love, this breed really do have big hearts with enough love to go around.
A Tidman

Jade Jade
Mixed Breed
She is a APBT/German Shepherd mix. She's sort of fearful but very affectionate. She was the runt and left her mother at 4 weeks so she had a rough start but she's matured into a beautiful dog.
Myra Jones
Georgia Georgia

Brownie Brownie
Mixed Breed
He is 14 years old. He's APBT/Labrador mixture. He's a great dog and loves cats and walks :)
Myra Jones
Georgia Georgia

Molly Molly
Mixed Breed
Molly is the sweetest little dog I have ever had and is the love of my life.
Ashford, Alabama Ashford, Alabama

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