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Lilo Mendez Lilo Mendez
Yorkshire Terrier
Lilo Mendez
My dog lilo is very special and very smart. She is. Currently pregnant and waiting to give birth to her litter of pups.
Rodolfo Mendez
IL, chicago heights IL, chicago heights

Stella Stella
Boston Terrier
Stella is a sweet girl. The love of our lives. She is smart, but stubborn at times. She likes to sleep on her favorite blanket on our bed.
R Lee
Johnstown Johnstown

Lacey Lacey
Mixed Breed
Our sweet little girl was rescued from the local pound, where they say that she is part Cocker Spaniel (we sure don't see it). Looking for ideas on what she may be... because of her size/shape we think that she is German Shepherd/Weiner dog! She is extremely intelligent and easy to train. Current weight at 2 1/2 years is 31 pounds. She loves (to eat) birds and bunnies, very muscular and an extremely fast runner. Had a black/pink tongue when a puppy... now mostly black. IDEAS?
Mike B

Pilot Pilot
He is the coolest dog ever, I can not describe in words what Pilot has done for me over the years. Always happy to see me, loves cudling with me.
Carien Le Roux
Gauteng, Johannesburg Gauteng, Johannesburg

Sara Sara
Great Dane
This is Sara our new Great Dane puppy! We love her and she keeps us and her brothers (Great Dane & Westie) on their toes at all times!
Kelli Goldston
Lubbock, Texas Lubbock, Texas

Chocco Chocco
he is 3 months old, very active and loyal. he love foods watever it is.... luv him a lot.................
Chocco Chocco
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu

Trixie Trixie
Labrador Retriever
Very cute and lovable:)
Kakay Palomer
Angeles City - Pampanga, Philippines Angeles City - Pampanga, Philippines

Bolt aka Bo Bolt aka Bo
Bolt aka Bo
Bolt aka Bo is a strong and active white Akita Inu with a strong will towards a peaceful home and a nice walk everyday. Can be mischievous at times, but always open to love and a good meal.
Oklahoma, USA Oklahoma, USA

Lola Lola
Very loving and watchful protector. Dedicated to keeping strays and critters away from her home and master. Has a Akita Inu Bolt A. K. A Bo as a companion also.
Oklahoma,USA Oklahoma,USA

Kano Kano
American Staffordshire Terrier
This is Kano our big monster.. loves to chase light and shadows.. silly monster. Our best friend who we love so much.
Trisha M

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