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Pug in a Pug Pug in a Pug
Pug in a Pug
This is our six year old female Pug Bailey. She is the first dog I've ever seen that actually loves posing for photos! All I have to say is, "Are we going to take a picture?" and she'll sit perfectly still. She's a real camera hog!
T Moreau
Ontario Ontario

Bentley Bentley
Yorkshire Terrier
Everything you could want in a loving pet companion. He is a joy to my life.
Donna Ridsdale
Windsor, Ontario Canada Windsor, Ontario Canada

Vladimir And Vitali Vladimir And Vitali
Vladimir And Vitali
Vladimir (larger patch over eye) and Vitali are brothers (same litter) and are 2 years old, we adopted them together after they were rescued from a track in Florida.
Steve Pryor
Illinois Illinois

Maggie and Thea Maggie and Thea
Maggie and Thea
This is Maggie and Thea (Amber color)Thea is a rescue and had severe mental and physical scars to overcome but with the love of her step sister Maggie she is much better and as you can see worships her sis.........
Courtney McMillan
California, USA California, USA

Bolt (Saint Bernard Mix) Bolt (Saint Bernard Mix)
Mixed Breed
Bolt (Saint Bernard Mix)
I got bolt when he is just 15 day's after that he will become a family member. so cute, naughty, very playfull, ... all love him so much.. love u bolt......
Gaurav Pawar
Malegaon Maharadhtra Malegaon Maharadhtra

Aspen Aspen
Golden Retriever
very very cute dog of the world
Amit Rajput
Punjab, Mohali Punjab, Mohali

Piuma Piuma
Siberian Husky
Happy husky in the snow: this is the beloved Piuma, a female husky dog, living in Italy and enjoying country walks.
Manuela P
Montesilvano (Pe) Montesilvano (Pe)

Odie Odie
Shih Tzu
odie with his favorite pillow
Philippines Philippines

Luke Luke
Shih Tzu
luke loves to eat.
Philippines Philippines

Teddy2 Teddy2
Mixed Breed
We rescued our dog from Manchester Dogs Home at Xmas 2009 as replacement for our dearly departed Teddy1, a Jack Russell Terrier.

Despite many queries about the breed, we have as yet been unable to discover any dogs like our Teddy. Hairless, but for defined areas such as Tail, Legs, Head (but none from back though between the ears), chest - with a skirt/frill between the front legs. Manchester dogs home have been unable to put a possible breed name to our dog, commenting - it doesn't have any fur and it may or may not grow back!

We consider that this is such a definitive clear area, this area is meant to be hairless. But we would appreciate anyone with a view perhaps letting us know if they think differently and perhaps put a name to the breed/cross?
Alan Ak
Manchester Manchester

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