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Corkey's Adele Corkey's Adele
Basset Hound
Corkey's Adele
Beautiful Adele, European and American champ bloodlines.
Nancy Corkey
United States United States

Qraf Qraf
German Shepherd Dog
Not Forgotten

Bubbels Bubbels
Basset Hound
He is just my best friend. Cant thank him enough for being in my life, cant imagine life without him. loves going to the beach for a swim and lovesssssss to bark.
Berdine Heydenrych
Richardsbay, KZN Richardsbay, KZN

Duke Duke
Shih Tzu
Loving Duke. Funny and silly puppy. He is 7 months old. He is very spoiled and he follows me everywhere and loves to go places. The whole family loves him and I'm so happy he's a part of my life.
Nicole Johns
Ohio Ohio

Booger Booger
booger was born dec 24th 2010 he just turned 2 years i old he is a ham. we love him to death..
Lois Kuhns
westmoreland westmoreland

Kobe Kobe
Australian Shepherd
Kobe is an amazing smart, loving, loyal, crazy dog. He loves the rain and being wet. We have a stream that runs next to our home that we have to pull him out of on a daily basis. Kobe follows me and my brother everywhere. His only desire is to be close as possible at all times. He also loves running and chasing our cars. He also has what we call his "creepy grin". When one of us come home from work he smiles and shows his teeth. He did this to one of my brothers patients and and she asked if he has rabies. ha. He is just amazing and the most beautiful dog inside and out!
Joshua Sunanday
Allenwood, Pennsylvania, USA Allenwood, Pennsylvania, USA

Timber Timber
Siberian Husky
Not Forgotten
Timber is a very special dog and touched our hearts in so many ways, also he is one of 2 top winning Obedience dogs in the uk the other being Kodii. We knew you from 8 weeks old and will miss you very much. God Bless sleep tight.
Sue (Hillstone) Purnell
Maidstone, Kent. UK Maidstone, Kent. UK

Beau Beau
Saint Bernard
Beau is beautiful dog. She is now 4 years old and loves to be with people. Beau would love to be a lap dog if she could. She likes playing in the sprinkler in the summer and the snow in the winter. Her favorite thing to do is to curl up in front of the fireplace and catch a flick on t. v. with the family.
Casper, WY Casper, WY

Gabanna Gabanna
American Staffordshire Terrier
We bought Gabby when she was 12 weeks old from a local breeder, and have had no regrets since. She is a little bundle of energy with endless amounts of love for everyone. She is now 17 weeks old and has not stopped growing.
Xandra A
France France

Princess Chloe Princess Chloe
Chinese Shar-Pei
Princess Chloe
Chloe is a truly unique, special girl(and she knows it). It is a rare occasion that we leave the house and at least person doesn't stop us to pet her and ask questions about her.
Amy Affrunti
Illinois Illinois

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