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Chinky Chinky
French Bulldog
My sweetest gal, though a little naughty...
Biplab Das
Midnapore Midnapore

Mydane Maple (Blue) Mydane Maple (Blue)
Great Dane
Mydane Maple (Blue)
Blue is a wonderfull dog with a great temperment and has achieved many awards in the show ring including being at crufts again this year 2012. Also getting his Good Citizen Gold, Silver, bronze awards. 1st place in Obedience, twice at Discover dogs in London and many other awards. He is a super star.
Sam Lee
Gravesend, Kent Gravesend, Kent

Coby And Evie Coby And Evie
Coby And Evie
Coby and Evie Tucked In for a nap.
John & Leslie Webb
Virginia, USA Virginia, USA

Toby Toby
Siberian Husky
Reminded me of Toby Keith, so his name is Toby. Rings the front door bell when he wants inside the house. Loves to ride the 4 wheeler and hangs on like a monkey. Sweet, loving and my and my wife's best friend. Trains easily and minds 100% of the time. Loves everything that's not a vermin, especially children. My Tob.
Marl D
Sweet Home Alabama, USA Sweet Home Alabama, USA

Harley Harley
Saint Bernard
Harley at eight weeks old.
Selena Slavik
Alberta Alberta

Suzie Suzie
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
This is Suzie, she's approx 5. I got her from a rescue home on wed 31/1/2012. They said she was a staffy but id really like it if any1 could tel me what shes crossed with :)
Nicola Roe
County Durham County Durham

Luckee Luckee
Poodle (Standard)
We found licked in Texas when he was following my sister on her bike he kept coming to the house then we kept him
Katieh 1000
georigia georigia

Pinki Rose Poggenpohl Pinki Rose Poggenpohl
Yorkshire Terrier
Pinki Rose Poggenpohl
My pink rose loves walks and loves to ride also smart too smart she's. My best girl PS she watches TV often lol my first yorkie she's a lover
Oklahoma USA Oklahoma USA

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Amosmoses is the best bulldog on Earth and here he is with his Jack Russell playmate at doggie day care, SKITTLES.
R.J. Bennett

Junior Greene Junior Greene
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Junior Greene
This is the best dog i could ever ask for! He is stunning, smart, obedient, protective, and Very active. Also the most loving and affectionate K9 i have ever known.
Alicia Greene
Ohio, USA Ohio, USA

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