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Julie Julie
my dog name is jule and she is 2 mnths old and vry cute she has one eye blue and othe brown
Bigiman Rocker
west bengal west bengal

Julie Julie
my dog name is julie and she is very cute she came to me on 4TH feb and is nly 2mnths of age
Bigiman Rocker
west bengal west bengal

Buddy Buddy
English Springer Spaniel
Buddy is a beautiful, wonderful, enthusiastic dog. he loves people and food. His birth date is April 18, 2011. He is a wonderful liver/white Springer and I luv him like crazy!
B. Martin
Loogootee IN Loogootee IN

Princess Noelle Princess Noelle
Shih Tzu
Princess Noelle
Princess Noelle is now 4 y. o. She is a beautiful pup who loves people, children and other dogs and cats. Noelle loves to play soccer, though with a large rubber ball. She loves to cuddle and gives more love than she receives and believe me, that isa lot of love! Noelle loves her treats, and loves to taste our food, she never begs. Noelle loves to "dance" and is happy to have new toys. Noelle loves to sit for a photo. She also loves her "beauty/spa" day appointment because she loves being pampered.
Madalene Greco

Zoe Zoe
West Highland White Terrier
Zoe is almost 4. She loves our dog Zak. Zoe loves to play in water and she's very friendly with our cats and strange dogs. For some reason, she loves to eat oranges and she loves cuddles and rubs and she hates it when u touch her tail. She also loves to play in the snow and sit on the couch and watch tv. She's really friendly with my baby brother Samual and my 2 yr old sister Amy.
Lilli Bern
Dublin Dublin

Sage Sage
Labrador Retriever
She loves people and is allergic to wheat. Her best friend is me. she literally sits on me, so she can get attention. love her!
Kenzie Jodrie
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Barney Barney
English Springer Spaniel
This is our beautiful dog Barney at only 6 weeks old and then at 10 months old! He is a wonderful, handsome and very lively boy! We enjoy taking him on long walks where he can run free and enjoy chasing the birds! He is now 13 months old and is turning into a lovely dog!
E Bowditch
Bristol Bristol

Toma Toma
Miniature Schnauzer
We absolutely adore her. She is now 8 years old and sleeps on my bed. Very much a one person dog. Although loves everyone. This is our 2nd. mini Schnauzer, the first one had diabetes and twice daily injections for the last four years of his life. Euthanased at 13 years. Jack had a very happy life, and was very sedate. Toma gave us a shock when we first adopted her at 8 weeks as she was very hyper, she has settled down now, a very alpha dog, and likes to boss us around, however, she is very obedient as well. I cant say how much joy she brings into our life with her antics, and a lover of routine. She enjoys going to the beach and walks, and runs likes a rabbit when first let of the lead in a safe environment. She has been trained at her local dog club, and will come immediately to a raised arm or call. She loves her bones, and we buy Lamb Shanks for her, cut the meat off to cook for her tea later with dog biscuits, and she enjoys the bone, she has lovely white teeth. The only negative is bladder stones at a young age and she had to have surgery. I think it pays to go to a registered breeder for that very reason. However, I did not go to a registered breeder for our first mini schauz. only to have him develop diabetes. We must have been unlucky. I could not do without her and she is very much loved. This is my favourite photo of her at two years old.
Shelly G
Adelaide, Australia Adelaide, Australia

Ogee Ogee
French Bulldog
The picture says it all.

Mydane Maple * Blue * Mydane Maple * Blue *
Great Dane
Mydane Maple * Blue *
Blue is such a special boy winning many awards in the Show ring he is at Crufts again this year and has appeared at Discover Dogs in London. Also he gained his Good Citizen Gold, silver, Bronze awards. He just keeps on giving what a super star you are.
Sue Purnell
Maidstone, Kent. Maidstone, Kent.

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