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Brie Brie
Jack Russell Terrier
Very intelligent lap dog!
Joe Sorensen
Usa Usa

Milo Milo
Jack Russell Terrier
He's crazie and he does not know that he a shorty so whenever he sees another dog no matter how big it is he wants to figth.
Bronx, Ny. Usa Bronx, Ny. Usa

Zip Zip
Jack Russell Terrier
Zip is a cool do who likes to run around the farm looking for mice and rats.. He also likes to run down the fields with his other dog friends Pup and Go Go!! His favourite food are Pigs ears treats which I get for him. He is very obedient and loves to go for a spin in the jeep with his owner John.
John Kingston
Ireland Ireland

Cookie Cookie
Jack Russell Terrier
i love cookie hes my cute little sseal boy.
Sisi H.
Australia Australia

Cookie In The Morning Cookie In The Morning
Jack Russell Terrier
Cookie In The Morning
this is cookie he is a bit grumpy in the morning.
Sierra H.
Australia Australia

Boycie Boycie
Jack Russell Terrier
Boycie was born on the 1st of Aug 06. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. He's brought more joy to my life than humanly possible.I adore him more & more everyday. He's amazingly bright and lives up to his name: full of character and gets along with everyone. He's my treasure.
Natalie Costa
Cyprus Cyprus

lucy lucy
Jack Russell Terrier
lucy is 2 she is very very cute. Lucy likes to run around in circles.When she sleeps she is really cute.
arielle hall-Smith
australia australia

monty monty
Jack Russell Terrier
monty is five he loves balls and likes to sleep on the end of my bed.he sometimes gets grumpy but i still love him all the same.
arielle hall-Smith
australia australia

My name is Jodie, I love my mommy! My name is Jodie, I love my mommy!
Jack Russell Terrier
My name is Jodie, I love my mommy!
Well my dog is almost 1 year old. She's a good dog and she loves her mom very much. She's very shy sometimes, she likes to play with her buddies.
Michelle Perkes
Canada Canada

Lucy Lucy
Jack Russell Terrier
Lucy is very cute and she likes to sleep in my bed. She likes to jump on everyone as they walk in the door! She LOVES bones!
Sage Hall-Smith
Australia Australia

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