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Elsa Beethoven Elsa Beethoven
Saint Bernard
Elsa Beethoven
Elsa is 13 weeks old.
Philip Eapen
India India

Mia & George Mia & George
Saint Bernard
Mia & George
This is my dog Mia and her 10 week old puppy George!!!!!! They are gorgeous aren't they!!!
Daphnie Willson
Canada Canada

Koby Koby
Saint Bernard
Koby is 8 weeks old in this picture and he is such a lover!
Jamie S.

Chuey Chuey
Saint Bernard
This is Chuey he is 18 months old and loves to play with the kids and beat up on the cat. His hobbies are eating, sleeping, eating some more and sleeping some more.
D. R.

Baby & Chyna Baby & Chyna
Saint Bernard
Baby & Chyna
This is Baby with hat and Chyna with antlers. They are the most loveable, affectionate dogs. As you can see their favorite holiday is Christmas!
Angela Reinoehl

Elvis Elvis
Saint Bernard
This is Elvis my 10 week old short-haired Saint Bernard. He is the best pet that I have ever owned. He is so loving and sweet! He is a great member of my family.
Michelle M.

Tequila Tequila
Saint Bernard
A real family member, the first one to the couch gets it.
E. Rahm
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

My Baby Girl My Baby Girl
Saint Bernard
My Baby Girl
My baby is ten months old. She is out first Saint. We used to have a Great Dane and on 3/19 we are getting another Saint, but a Swiss one!(Male)
Katie Rayce

Kancia Kancia
Saint Bernard
Kancia is the best! She's been with me since she was 3 weeks old. In my family we all love her! She is a great guardian also.... What can else can I say? In Mexico (my country) Saint Bernards RULE!
Javo Romero
Mexico Mexico

Pepper Pepper
Saint Bernard
A "gentle giant" as they say. Pepper loves everyone and everything. She will play with the children and never once knock them down. By far the best dog ever!
Kim S.

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