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Myles (Syko Rudy2005) Myles (Syko Rudy2005)
West Highland White Terrier
Myles (Syko Rudy2005)
Myles is just 1 year old. He was born in Roblin, Manitoba. He is an awesome dog, he has tons of energy and is always excited to see you when you get home.
Megan Monsebroten
Canada Canada

Putzy Putzy
West Highland White Terrier
This is my lil guy Putzy. He's 2 1/2 yrs old and an absolute joy to have. He's my second Westie (miss ya buttons). I've had them since I was 4 yrs old... I can't even describe the amount of joy I have had when I'm around my Westies. Both were/are very loyal, lovin and is the bestest friend a person could have. I love him to death, especially when he gives me the puppy eyes cause he wants to cuddle on the couch. I can't imagine not having them growing up:)
Val B
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Candy Candy
West Highland White Terrier
Candy will be 1 yr old in April, she is full of energy, and the light of my life. I truly believe she is the cutest thing on earth.
Kelly Todd

Toyah and Baby Toyah and Baby
West Highland White Terrier
Toyah and Baby
Here is Toyah and baby Skye. Skye is not Toyah's baby, but one of our other girls. She is just babysitting for a while, and loves every minute! What a smashing picture don't you think?
Tracy Armstrong
England England

Sola Sola
West Highland White Terrier
Sweet, adorable, playful sometimes a bit dumb. So her nickname is dummy. But when it comes to food or going on a walk with the horses, taking a swim in the lake in the summer and rolling in the snow in the winter she is the first. Now 4 years old and not wise yet I would not like to miss her for one day. Sola and her big sister GIGI Spanish street dog mix, last summer cooling off.
R B Schr.
Finland Finland

Dixie Dixie
West Highland White Terrier
You can feel the unequal taste of Scottish Whisky, when understanding the noblesse of this extraordinary dog!
Daniel Medinschi
Timisoara, Romania Timisoara, Romania

Alaska Alaska
West Highland White Terrier
Alaska it a Westie. He is very sweet and nice. He gets very excited when people come to our house and when you yell at him he pees. He is good with children and other dogs. You can't put him in the grass with a fence around because he will dig his way out. Likes to chase cats. I love Alaska.
Casey Kuhn

Annie Annie
West Highland White Terrier
My name is Annie. I love long walks, treats and lots of affection.
Tracey C
Canada Canada

Rosie Rosie
West Highland White Terrier
Rosie is the sweetest dog in the world. She loves kids, adults, beanie babies, and cheerios. She's a great cuddler and loves being wrapped up for Christmas.
Lori S

Thomas Thomas
West Highland White Terrier
He is a very cute dog, noble and a true friend.
Jessica Bridges
Colombia Colombia

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