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Bruno Bruno
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Bruno came to live with us when he was 3 weeks old from an abusive owner and he is treated like one of my own children. He is very dedicated and loyal to all of us. I love him dearly! He loves to play ball, frisbee, and give kisses!
Debbie Kusek

Axle Axle
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Not Forgotten
he is good boy
Benwallis Wallis
uk uk

Lennox Lennox
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
lennox is 4 years we have had him since a pup. as u can see he loves the kids!
Emma W
england england

Brenda Brenda
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Brenda is a timid type of Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She loves to mingle with my Labrador but is oftentimes moody. However, we love her because she is a good guard dog and we know that she also feels the same way for us.
Ma. Angela Reyes
Philippines Philippines

Sergent Pepper-Jack Sergent Pepper-Jack
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sergent Pepper-Jack
Also nicknamed Pony-Boy! Is a Bull Terrier Lab Mix, Awesome combo. Amazing Dog, A Loving new addition. Hes 8 mos old and in a league of his own, His ability to learn blows us all away. He was found gift to my family on 6-6 06, It was his destiny to be here with us! We love you so much Sergent Pepper-Jack Pony-Boy! always and Forever.
Usa Usa

Diamond Diamond
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
My dog is very loving and playful. She is about 2 now and she is very protective of her family. She loves to swim. When I got her she was wrapped in a towel in the middle of the city road, close to the local illegal dog fights. Guess she was a runt. But with her fiestiness I think she would have done good. Nah we love her too much. Well anyways She is a very good and smart dog. All I gotta say is...."Thats my dog"
Mike Butt

Kye & Angel Kye & Angel
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Kye & Angel
Kye & Angel are both Staffordshire Bull terriers. The breed I think. Loyal, loving and fantastic with kids.
Andrea C

Blue Blue
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
This is Blue, she is Woodys sister from the same litter. She is about 9 1/2 months old in this picture. She is a lot leaner than Woody and her ears have a life of their own!! She rules Woody with a rod of iron but she is an absolute cuddle monster!!
Louise Simpson
Great Britain Great Britain

Woody Woody
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Woody is 10 months old in this picture and is really starting to fill out now. He is a real clown but is such a gentle boy.
Louise Simpson
great britain great britain

Elly Elly
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
elly is 12 weeks old and very naughty she chews everything, but gives lots of lovley cuddles
Claire C
British British

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