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Deuce Deuce
Australian Shepherd
Deuce is a loving, gentle, friendly Aussie. He is 1 year old and my 2 year old sons best friend. Deuce is very laid back, and easy to get along with.
Jenn Voss

Molly Molly
Australian Shepherd
Molly is a resuce. She is a joy. She has one very funny little habbit. Molly can't eat unless she is playing with her ball. She must do this prior to her eating her meal. But then she has to put her ball in her dish. It doesn't matter that she really can't get to her food because there might be as many as four in her dish. Eating without them is not an option. She always done and as long as she eats that's fine.
Chantelle Martin

Bandit Bandit
Australian Shepherd
She was the runt of her litter. Now it's almost her third birthday and she is assertive and athletic and alpha of her pack!
Linda Schartman

Tiggar Tiggar
Australian Shepherd
He's the love of my life, my constant companion and the most beautiful dog I've ever owned. He was rescued and he has repaid me ten fold.
Anne Giovannetti
Canada Canada

Wanna Play? Wanna Play?
Australian Shepherd
Wanna Play?
Ditch was found in a creekbed with running water near our home. The embankment was too steep for him to get out. Soaked & cold, we brought him in our home & fell in love. His favorite toy is his bright red Frisbee. From the moment he wakes up he is ready to play. He puts the frisbee at your feet hoping that you'll throw it. What a joy he is!
Jeny J

Stormy Stormy
Australian Shepherd
Stormy is the greatest puppy ever! She isn't very smart though. She is a blue merle and has different colors like blue, gray, black and other different colors. She has cute eyes because one is brown and the other is blue. She is a mixture of my mom and me. Stormy, like I said, is the GREATEST puppy ever!
Megan Hammersly

Cali Cali
Australian Shepherd
Cali is the "party girl" at the dog park! All is calm until Cali is let loose, then it's a whirlwind of doggies on the run. She loves to run and not only be chased but be the chaser too. Although Cali suffers from an extreme case of "toyitis". If another dog has a toy, she'll chase until she gets it away.
Pamela Rosinsky

Lil Scrappy Lil Scrappy
Australian Shepherd
Lil Scrappy
My puppy Lil Scrappy is very playful. He is a boy and is 1 year old. He loves to give people kisses and to be loved. He also loves to chase people or animals.
Alicila V

Star Breed's Dark Challenger Emil Star Breed's Dark Challenger Emil
Australian Shepherd
Not Forgotten
Star Breed's Dark Challenger Emil
Star Breed's Dark Challenger. 2002-10-06, Red & White. Father: Colorado Return Of A Legend. Mother: Qn Erica.
Emma Karlsson
Sweden Sweden

B.G. B.G.
Australian Shepherd
B.G. is from our last litter. We did not dock her tail, because we were keeping her as a house doggie. She's already herding the cats, and nipping at my heels. She is so smart and loving, and its hard to say "no" to those blue eyes. She's a Red Merle, and loves driving in the car. Australian Shepherds are the best!!
Debra Martell

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