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Indy Indy
Australian Shepherd
Indy can run with the best of them for a nine week old puppy she has the energy and the stamina I wish I had!
Catherine H
Canada Canada

Ozzie Ozzie
Australian Shepherd
This is 4 month old Ozzie - he is a beautiful Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. We have fallen in love with the breed - they are loyal, obedient, intelligent and make great companion dogs.
Jackie W
Australia Australia

Diego Diego
Australian Shepherd
Diego is 1 years old, and love shis long walks and swims at the local off leash area. He enjoys playing catch with anything you can toss, but enjoys talking to people the most i think (he puts a ball in his mouth and makes funny noises at people).
Erin H
British columbia Canada British columbia Canada

Angie Angie
Australian Shepherd
she is three years old. she loves playing ball, swimming, kids, going on walks, and vanilla ice cream. she wouldn't mind being a junk food junkie, but we wont let her!! she is a very good and spoiled puppy!! she even has her own sponge bob bed :) we love her very much!
Crystal Campbell
U.S.A Wi. U.S.A Wi.

Julie Julie
Australian Shepherd
This is Julie, the "sister" of Diamond the Great Dane, and Daisy the Toy poodle. She is a very sweet and tricky puppy who's nick name is Houdini because of her escaping actions... She is already "herding" us because it is in her blood! There is soo much to say about her but the most important thing to say is that she is the best Aussie there could ever be!!
Violetta V

Bear Bear
Australian Shepherd
Not Forgotten
We got Bear when she was 8 weeks old and she was a very good dog and protective of her family. Although she would not listen to you to come back if she was chasing a squirl or a rabbit. She also liked to eat rabbits. We had to have her put down because she went blind and could not her any longer or even stand to pee.
Debie Smith
United States United States

Escapade's Sonic Boom 'Rocket' Escapade's Sonic Boom 'Rocket'
Australian Shepherd
Escapade's Sonic Boom 'Rocket'
Rocket is a lover boy!! He is a little hyper (but most aussies are). He has a favorite spot to be scratched and it is right behind the ears!! He competes in agility and is very good at it!!!!!!
United States of America United States of America

Revelaire Legendary Tale Revelaire Legendary Tale
Australian Shepherd
Revelaire Legendary Tale
"Troy" is a 7 week old Aussie bred by Revelaire Kennels. Troy will be competing in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Conformation, Junior Handling and Herding! Troy has a lot of growing to do before he started competing! Watch for him in these rings!
Audrey C.

Speckles Speckles
Australian Shepherd
Speckles is an australian shepherdHe is a wonderful dog and is only 8 months old and completely obediance trained. He will "heel" on command while on a very busy street and does not get distracted from me if he is off-leash. Some people think ts amazing, but its just the quality of training that he has recieved since he was born.
Loran P
United States United States

Max Max
Australian Shepherd
Max is very energetic and affectionate.
Chris V

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