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Sam Sam
Jack Russell Terrier
Sammy is a 3 month old silly, goofy hyper little pup with a great personality. He'll be a top flyball champ when he's all grown up and he's a loving member of our family.
Michele and Alan
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

Scooter Scooter
Jack Russell Terrier
Scooter is the active one and loves his toys.
Hannah Turner-Evans

Scooter and Millie Scooter and Millie
Jack Russell Terrier
Scooter and Millie
Scooter is a male,sweet loving dog. He's very playful and active. He loves his walks and loves his food lol. I also have Millie my first dog who loves sitting with you and chillin out.
Hannah Turner-Evans
England England

My Bibi My Bibi
Jack Russell Terrier
My Bibi
I'm so lucky to have him. He's everything to me....
Lyn C.
Singapore Singapore

Frasier Crane & Daphne Moon Frasier Crane & Daphne Moon
Jack Russell Terrier
Frasier Crane & Daphne Moon
Hi. Frasier is an 8 mo Parsons smooth coat long legged JRT. Daphne is a 5 mo English JRT smooth coat short legged JRT (also called Puddins). They have been so therapeutic for me, with their mischievious ways. I never thought I would have such patience but I do for my 2 favorite 4 legged babies..They are so spoiled and have everything a dog could want and more. Thanks for viewing.
Denise DeCosta

Rosko Rosko
Jack Russell Terrier
This is me and my husband's fur-kid, Rosko. He is 6 years old and still has his spunk. He enjoys driving everyone crazy with his squeakies and loves gnawing on his bone that is half his size. He is a very uplifting and happy addition to our family. Also, a very good snuggler for napping.
Kristin R.

Timbre Timbre
Jack Russell Terrier
Timbre's a very athletic lil pooch. Smart! as they come. His personality is even keeled, he's a great ball player, and loves ice cubes. He'll wear a hat, dance on a ball, and do a myriad of other tricks at his present 6 months of age.
JB Singer

Bandit Bandit
Jack Russell Terrier
Bandit loves to sleep eat, play and loves his walks. He is 2yrs old and has a toy sheep he sleeps with. Bandit loves other dogs and adores kids.
Gracie Abela
Australia Australia

Murphy Murphy
Jack Russell Terrier
Murphy has become the center of my world in just 11 months. He has a special personality all his own.
Diane S.

Mia and Jinx Mia and Jinx
Jack Russell Terrier
Mia and Jinx
Who says dogs and cats can't be friends? This is Mia our JR and Jinx, one of our four cats, snuggling up together on a cold evening.
Bev Boshoff
Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa

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