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Lisa Lisa
Jack Russell Terrier
Not Forgotten
Lisa was a really energetic dog with a loving and silly personality.
Hayley Hobbs
Australia Australia

Abby Abby
Jack Russell Terrier
Abby is one out of 7 puppies that we've kept. She is very special to us. She only weighed 3 oz at three day's old and the Vet said she would never make it. She is 4 months and weighs 5 pounds. Alot of late nights and bottle feedings kept her with us. As you see she's so adorable. We all love her so much!!
Christy Yelton

Susie Susie
Jack Russell Terrier
Hi, this is Susie our Jack Russell having her daily afternoon nap. she is now the grand old age of 15 years of age and enjoys the quieter side of a doggy's life. Fresh chicken and brown bread is her daily diet, no wonder she looks so well. Talk about a pampered life.
Patricia McDowell
British British

Carlie Carlie
Jack Russell Terrier
This is Carlie - 4 months old. She is the baby of 5 Jack Russell's I have.
Renea Beavers

Zany Zany
Jack Russell Terrier
Zany is a very special dog! She just had 7 puppies. We all love her so much.
Yelton Cdy

Eddie Eddie
Jack Russell Terrier
Eddie thinks he is human. Smartest(and cutest) dog we have ever owned!
April J.
Alabama, USA Alabama, USA

Tinky Tinky
Jack Russell Terrier
Tinky is split coat JRT with beautiful markings. True to her breed she is a ball of energy and entertainment. She loves squeaky toys, even after we secretly take the annoying squeaker out and riding in the car or going for a swim in the pool. She is very smart and will play fetch with anyone. Tinky is good with our older cats and I think she knows she runs the house, we are so blessed to have her.
Suzy Sykes

Oscar Oscar
Jack Russell Terrier
I had Oscar since he was 8 weeks old and he is the man of the house. He has the biggest personality I have ever seen in any dog. He is our Gandhi Dog.. he is so sweet to every one and everything. He wants to be friends with everyone. I love him and he is spoiled rotten by all the women in his life :o) (especially by his mommie)
S. K.
Maryland, USA Maryland, USA

Do you see what I see? Do you see what I see?
Jack Russell Terrier
Do you see what I see?
This is a picture of my niece Karleigh, who is 2 years old and my Jack Russell who is also 2 years old.
Rochelle Reinsel

Masie Masie
Jack Russell Terrier
Her bark is horrible but she is a lovely dog.
Sarah Geller
British British

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