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Zoe Zoe
West Highland White Terrier
Zoe is almost 4. She loves our dog Zak. Zoe loves to play in water and she's very friendly with our cats and strange dogs. For some reason, she loves to eat oranges and she loves cuddles and rubs and she hates it when u touch her tail. She also loves to play in the snow and sit on the couch and watch tv. She's really friendly with my baby brother Samual and my 2 yr old sister Amy.
Lilli Bern
Dublin Dublin

Holly (l) and Oscar (r) Holly (l) and Oscar (r)
West Highland White Terrier
Holly (l) and Oscar (r)
These are my next door neighbour's dogs, but I have been walking them for 4 years now every single day, rain or shine, so they feel like my own. I love them soooooo much, and they are sooo cute! Holly jumps up and down on her back legs if anyone says her name, but Oscar is the complete opposite! He is extremely docile and loves a cuddle. He still loves his walkies though... he wouldn't miss them!
Rebecca W
Sheffield Sheffield

Izzy Izzy
West Highland White Terrier
Izzy has been with us for 5 months we got her 10 wks old. She loves outdoors, camping, and loves to watch TV. Her fav are Dancing with the stars (I guess all that movement) and Love It's Me or the Dog (probably all the barking). She can sit for minutes watching tv. She loves to play with lil kids. She is a great big joy to us. We lost our lil Yorkie of 15 yrs and was blessed with this puppy.
Cathy Travis
North Carolina North Carolina

Claudia-Marie Claudia-Marie
West Highland White Terrier
Claudia-Marie is just a tad bit spoiled. She is the alpha dog at our home. She just ran her first 5 K race this past weekend for Paws for the Cause. A 5K helping the Humane Society. She is a very sweet dog and enjoys going for runs and walks with me.
Alabama Alabama

Petit Prince De Tavernolles Petit Prince De Tavernolles
West Highland White Terrier
Petit Prince De Tavernolles
Petit Prince is 10 years old, he likes to play, he likes fish like a cat and cheese like a mouse hehe. He has a pretty head and everybody likes it.
Monique Beyan
Grenoble, France Grenoble, France

Salem Salem
West Highland White Terrier
Well, Salem is a cute dog, he likes to play, to go to the mountain and he loves chicken.
Anette Bitay
Spain Spain

Tessie And Lucie Tessie And Lucie
West Highland White Terrier
Tessie And Lucie
Two crazy and wild West Highland White "Terrors". Same litter, both girls... both try to be Alpha. Lucie is the agressor, Tessie follows.
Sally Morris
Glendale, Arizona Glendale, Arizona

Coconut Coconut
West Highland White Terrier
Coconut is a fun-loving dog. His interests include chasing squirrels, rabbits, cats, and birds. He deeply enjoys getting a bath and playing in water. He spends most of his days basking in the sun by the front door or perched on top of the couch sleeping. His name definitely fits him, he is a nut!
Becca Levesque

Max Patterson Max Patterson
West Highland White Terrier
Max Patterson
My dog is a Coton de Tuleur. The breed originates in Madagascar. He is an awesome dog. He loves being with children, Doesnt bark unless someone is wrestling or if the doorbell rings. He loves to go bye bye. Very intelligent dog.
Luisa Patterson

Gigi Gigi
West Highland White Terrier
Gigi is the sweetest 7 mo. puppy. She loves to play and cuddle. Whenever we are ready to go out she is the first one by the door.
Jorge Hernadez

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