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Dixie Dixie
Mixed Breed
Dixie is a very good girl, she loves to bird watch and chase squirrels.
Virginia Virginia

Lito Lito
Mixed Breed
Lito is a 5 month old Australian Shepherd / Rottweiler mix. She was the cost of a Capriati's sandwich. This loving little dog is the absolute joy of my life!
Renee Therriault
Las Vegas Las Vegas

Cali Cali
Mixed Breed
Cali is a 3 yr old American Bulldog mix who is a sweetheart!
J. Marino
St. Louis, MO, USA St. Louis, MO, USA

Julius Julius
Mixed Breed
He is a nice dog but I dont know what breed is it he becomes happy when he sees me
Thipe Kgoele
Pretoria Pretoria

Peanut Peanut
Mixed Breed
Peanut is a rescue - found in the streets of LA. He was not in very good condition and had behavioral issues as well. It's amazing what time, effort and lots of love can do for a dog. Today, Peanut is now confident, well-behaved, smart, affectionate, so funny and so very loved. He is such a beautiful boy, I can not even imagine not having him. I love him soooo much. He is the BEST.
Haley S.
Malibu, CA USA Malibu, CA USA

Beanz. Beanz.
Mixed Breed
Beanz wandered into a busy warehouse when he was aged between 8 - 12 weeks old. We believe he had been dumped. We took him in and he was supposed to go to a Rescue Centre to be rehomed, but they had no space for him for two days. He settled into our hearts as well as our home... and the rest is history! Both he and our other dog Larry are best of brothers now!
County Laois County Laois

Phoebe Ann Phoebe Ann
Mixed Breed
Phoebe Ann
Her name is Phoebe Ann. I adopted her from Luv-A-Pet Rescue down in Florida. I have had her since she was a little baby and now she is a huge baby. She is somewhat of a dork but I love it. This photo was taken on Phoebe's 2nd birthday. She decided to take a breather from all her birthday festivities.
Gabrielle F
Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY

Sadiebugg Sadiebugg
Mixed Breed
Sadie loves the water, throwing ball, Frisbee and anything in the mindset of playing. She is my rescue from a puppy mill that was supposed to be a Corgi breeder, so Sadie is 1/2 Corgi and 1/2 Sheltie but she is the best. We got the better deal and we closed them down & put them out of business.
Cathy P
Texas Texas

Boycie Boycie
Mixed Breed
This is Boycie he is about 11 Months old and Possibly a Staffie cross. I have had him 2 Months he is a Rescue who was going to be shot. He has just passed his Good Citizen Bronze Award. He is a lovely little dog full of beans and loves playing with a Kong toy.
Sam Lee
Gravesend, Kent Gravesend, Kent

Obie Obie
Mixed Breed
Obie is Pug/Brussels Griffon mix. She is 11 months old and is full of so much energy we can barely keep up with her. We adopted her and love her like she's one of our children. She loves playing with other dogs and chasing the cats. She also loves her toys and will play with anything she can reach.
Amanda S
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

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