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Samantha Samantha
Miniature Pinscher
samantha is a very sweet dog and very alert
Jhonny Zobel
binan city,laguna,philippines binan city,laguna,philippines

Kobe Kobe
Miniature Pinscher
Kobe is a great family member!
Chris F.
Miami, Fl. Miami, Fl.

Bruser Bruser
Miniature Pinscher
this is my lil buddy bruser. he is 2 yrs old and has more energy than my 7 yr old daughter.. lol
A Hoyt
toledo usa toledo usa

Billy 2 Shoes Billy 2 Shoes
Miniature Pinscher
Billy 2 Shoes
Billy is a wild man!
Klw Klw

Spike Spike
Miniature Pinscher
spike is a very active dog. e is about 6 monts old i ave ad him since he was 2 months old the people i got him off of did not want him anymore therefor i took im. he is very good wit cildren (i ave a 5 yr old)
Vicki Ammons
maryland maryland

Spikey Spikey
Miniature Pinscher
Spikey is a funny dog. Partly thanks to him (and thanks to my husband) I can see life again in a most positive way after cancer. Spikey plays a huge role in my will to fight and to live!
Lieve Brauers
Belgium Belgium

Selma Selma
Miniature Pinscher
Selma loves everyone and everything! Like most small breeds, she has "little dog syndrome" and thinks that she can bully any large dog. She loves her "sissy" kitty, they both give each other baths. The kitty has even taught Selma how to lick her paws and clean behind her ears.
Jen Palmer
Tennessee, USA Tennessee, USA

Samara Rose Samara Rose
Miniature Pinscher
Samara Rose
Samara Rose is very smart and friendly. She likes to go for walks and ride in the car. She is going into training for agility when she has completed her puppy classes. She is also very wild.
Kayla Harris

Bocephus Bocephus
Miniature Pinscher
This is my son bocephus.he is 2yrs and full of live and is my world.great snugle bunny and lap baby

Flower Flower
Miniature Pinscher
Flower is a loveable little baby girl. She was born on Apirl 20,2007. She has a wonderful attitude. Likes to love. And is a wonderful little gaurd dog. She is the newest addition to our family,and we all love her to peices.
Cda Cda
united states united states

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