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Scruffy Scruffy
Jack Russell Terrier
Ann Andersen

Jellybean Jellybean
Jack Russell Terrier
Our jellybean is very observant, very energetic and very sweet. She is our baby, we were the ones who bottle fed her since she was a pup. She is our bundle of joy and we love her very much.
Ma. Del Pilar Rosario Casa
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Penny (the white one) Penny (the white one)
Jack Russell Terrier
Penny (the white one)
Jerica Hill
United States United States

Merry Christmas from Bailey Merry Christmas from Bailey
Jack Russell Terrier
Merry Christmas from Bailey
Bailey is probably the biggest treat thief in the State of Florida. She shares her home with us and with 10 other dogs, including three of her daughters.
Linda C
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Peppers Peppers
Jack Russell Terrier
I got Peppers at the humane society, he was rescued. He was 12 months old when we got him and it was a blessing for me:) I just knew he would be a perfect fit. He even holds your hand. Very smart Jack Russel he is:)
Jenny Engman
Minnesota Minnesota

Cutiedumplin or Dumpaleigh Cutiedumplin or Dumpaleigh
Jack Russell Terrier
Cutiedumplin or Dumpaleigh
I wouldn't trade her for a million, zillion dollars. She is my pride and joy and is sooo smart, sweet and lovable! She loves treats and her lovie toys and cuddles with the family all day and night.
Crystal Wright
N.C. N.C.

Cutiedumplin Cutiedumplin
Jack Russell Terrier
CutieDumplin is such a good girl! She loves to play and even wear dresses, she is so spoiled! She loves to cuddle and sleep with us every night. She is so smart too, I love her to pieces!
Crystal W

Jackpott Jackpott
Jack Russell Terrier
Jackpott is an incredible JRT. He fetches, catches the frisbee in mid-air, and will generally bring back anything you throw! He is full of kisses and loves to sit in your lap like a human child! He also loves his night time in the bed and my pillow!
Kayla Coker
Texas Texas

Rosie De Ollis Rosie De Ollis
Jack Russell Terrier
Rosie De Ollis
my dog is the most beautifulest thing i ever had. i got rosie when i was two. so she is very special to me. i would never let anything happen to her!
Julie Ollis
Bulverde, Texas Bulverde, Texas

Angus Angus
Jack Russell Terrier
Angus is a little baby but has just turned three today, now he is our little toddler. He is very cute and is warm and cuddly! 30/3/09
Jasmine W
Sydney, Nsw Sydney, Nsw

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