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Buffy Buffy
Giant Schnauzer
The dog's name is "House of Kazak Buffy So Sweet" and she is 4 YO and living near Oslo, Norway.
Roger Naess
Oslo Oslo

Shana Mary Shana Mary
Giant Schnauzer
Shana Mary
We adopted 8 year old Shana last year after losing our mini to cancer. Shana had lost her mom and had been turned over to the rescue to find a home that would spoil her. She got it!
B Masters
Chesterfield, VA Chesterfield, VA

Mark Mark
Giant Schnauzer
Markoss, born on 09 June 2002, pedigree JR 73087 Vs came to me by chance 8 months ago, because his previous owners could not care for him anymore. The dog is very handsome, I have studied his pedigree in the internet deep back in the past and have found many-many pictures of his relatives. I have tried to show him at the show of the Bulgarian schnauzer club, which held on the 23 September 2006 in Sofia, but he was not trained at all and we have no success.
Vihra Ivanova
Bulgaria Bulgaria

Magnas Whirling Dervish Derby Magnas Whirling Dervish Derby
Giant Schnauzer
Magnas Whirling Dervish Derby
Derby is just 8 months in this picture and he is the best puppy ever! He's very protective and never ever leaves my side. If you try to pull him away he becomes very upset. I love my Derby!!
Cara Johnson

Liefhound's Black Raven CGC TT Liefhound's Black Raven CGC TT
Giant Schnauzer
Liefhound's Black Raven CGC TT
Stacey M

Katana Katana
Giant Schnauzer
My girls name is Katana. She is 6 months old now. She is my first dog. She is everything that I read a Giant should be. She is always by my side looking out for me. She is very smart and has a great way about her. She is a great companion.
Jarvia Hunt

Jack Jack
Giant Schnauzer
This is our wonderful puppy Jack. He is so much fun and loves to show off to get all the attention, so we decided to take a picture that shows exactly where he is in our hearts - "On a pedestal above them all".
Steph Q.
Limerick, Ireland Limerick, Ireland

TK's Total Chaos Tank TK's Total Chaos Tank
Giant Schnauzer
TK's Total Chaos Tank
Tank is such a great dog! He was the third Giant I bought and he is my baby. He is a wonderful companion and a great best friend. These guys are like potato chips you can never have just one! He likes to play Frisbee and play with the cats and he is a couch potato. Hope you enjoy the photo as much as I enjoy him.
Tracey Thorne

Sapphyre Sapphyre
Giant Schnauzer
This is Sapphyre! She is such a pretty girl!
Jojo Mullet
Canada Canada

This is Princess Ceara This is Princess Ceara
Giant Schnauzer
This is Princess Ceara
She is the love of my life! She has the most optimistic outlook of anyone I know; laugh a lot, smile all the time, walk everyday, enjoy food, enjoy company, tell others you love them, and chase cats whenever possible. She reigns over our home with her sister Sapphyre, 4 cats, and three bunnies. She is a short Giant Schnauzer but she's as stubborn as the best of them. She loves her Kong and her squeaky hot dog. She also loves to tell her Mom and Dad what to do from the comfort of her overstuffed chair. She's a true Princess!
B.C., Canada B.C., Canada

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