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Dottie May Dottie May
German Shorthaired Pointer
Dottie May
Best dog I've ever had! Loyal, smart, sweet as sugar and a Ton of Fun! Definitely the definition of a BEST FRIEND!
California California

Porter Porter
German Shorthaired Pointer
Porter will be a goose chaser. Think a golf course is enough room for this guy to run around?
Cris Ortiz
Norwalk California Norwalk California

Fritz Fritz
German Shorthaired Pointer
Fritz is a loyal and loving part of the family. His favorite pass times include going out mountain biking every day and patrolling the yard for birds.
Karen D
Bend, Oregon Bend, Oregon

Ruby Ruby
German Shorthaired Pointer
She's the best puppy, loving, loyal, fun, full of life, gorgeous, obedient and energetic. We couldn't have asked for a better breed. We could recommend them to anyone :)
R and S Carragher
Australia Australia

Biscuit Biscuit
German Shorthaired Pointer
She is a little terror, ripped up all my goood shoes and stuff toys, but she is the love of my life..! i waited sooo long to have a puppy n finally found her, her story is a sad one... she was stolen from her mother only a week after she was born, and put into a sack and travelled for 3 days in that sack all the way to islamabad where she was rescued..! and then i was asked if i wud like to be a mummy and then i saw her face..! that was it done deal she was mine..! she is a baby, has all the habbits of a toddler thats for sure.. she wont sleep unless i cuddle her in my arms at night she wont eat untill i do the here comes the rocket..!
Latoya Cumine
Islamabad, Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan

Zayda Zayda
German Shorthaired Pointer
This is 9 week old Zayda. She is so sweet. Full of energy but already obeying commands and house broken.
Debra P
Louisiana, USA Louisiana, USA

Cowboy :) - German Shorthaired Pointer Cowboy :) - German Shorthaired Pointer
German Shorthaired Pointer
Cowboy :) - German Shorthaired Pointer
My dog cowboy, is great! he goes with me everywhere. He loves to go buh-bye, and play in the creek. I had never really thought about having a pointer till i got him as present, and now i couldnt imagine not having him. He is great protection from strangers, and when living on a ranch you need a dog who lets you no when some thing is wrong, and he always does.! These are the best dogs!
Kelly Hickman
U.S of A U.S of A

Roman Roman
German Shorthaired Pointer
He is a little bundle of terror, but extremely fun and well behaved I THINK
Trevor Andersen
Usa Usa

NMK's Make Mine Mocha, JH NMK's Make Mine Mocha, JH
German Shorthaired Pointer
NMK's Make Mine Mocha, JH
NMK has been dedicated to the Dual Quality GSP for over 30 years. Producing a record setting 13 Dual Champions and home to the top all time winningest GSP in breed history, DC Brittania. We believe your GSP should hunt for you all day and sleep on your kid's bed at night. Mocha is on his way to a CH and a MH and has already produced a 13 month old Senior Hunter daughter and multiple JH get. His 4 month old daughter went Best in Match last month with owner handler Debbie Lewis at the helm.
Carol Chadwick
California, USA California, USA

Rowdy Rowdy
German Shorthaired Pointer
This is Rowdy with his best friend, Scratch.
A Anderson

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