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Lady Lady
English Cocker Spaniel
Not Forgotten
Lady was such a kind sweet gentle little dog and is greatly missed by all. God bless and sleep tight.
Teresa Hartnoll
Gravesend, Kent Gravesend, Kent

Bruce Bruce
English Cocker Spaniel
Bruce is one of the hyper active dogs i have seen.... very pleasing personality and at the same time very affectionate... he is not only a dog but one of the family member...
Kris Kris
Bangkok Bangkok

Inga Inga
English Cocker Spaniel
she likes to smile !:)
Hristo Chernaev
Bulgaria, Haskovo Bulgaria, Haskovo

Snoopy Snoopy
English Cocker Spaniel
Good playful Dog
Sai Babu P
Hyderabad Hyderabad

Teddy Teddy
English Cocker Spaniel
teddy was adopted from the humane society. he was dropped off with his mom and dad and his sister
Maddie G

Chubby Chubby
English Cocker Spaniel
Chubby is a very smart dog! He can drink through a straw..He can even peel and eat a banana!!! He was a rescue 14 years ago and is the best dog ever! He loves his tennis ball and all of his squeeky toys.

Ginger Ginger
English Cocker Spaniel
ginger is a 17 year old male--yes, he has an identity crisis because of his name. he was named by our daughter when he was little and he was stuck with it! he is still beautiful, spunky, and full of life. he is loving and very well behaved. poor thing has a shepherd pup to contend with everyday! can't imagine life without him!
Jim & Jeanne Claar
Usa Usa

Tommy & Molly Tommy & Molly
English Cocker Spaniel
Tommy & Molly
Tommy 11yrs old (left) is an English Cocker Spaniel & Molly 2 1/2 yrs old (right) is an American Cocker Spaniel. Cutest couple!!!We love them...
B. R.
Los Angeles, USA Los Angeles, USA

Prissy Prissy
English Cocker Spaniel
Prissy is a 9 yo English Cocker Spaniel that was rescued from the Jacksonville, Fl pound when she was 5. She is a very sweet, inteligent, caring, pleasing doggie. She keeps me company and follows me around the house room to room. She love to ride in the car and goes everywhere with me. He coat has been growing since I got her over 4 years ago....and is very pretty. She is house broken and hasn't destroyed anything in the house at all.... I just love her and am so happy she is part of my life.
Todd D Register

Bailey-Rose Bailey-Rose
English Cocker Spaniel
Bailey-Rose is a women on a mission, she is always ready to play and never seems to slow down... Being the only girl she rules the backyard and knows where her cupboard of food is! And because of all this i am proud to say she's my girl and i love her!
Australia Australia

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