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Katie & Peanut Katie & Peanut
Katie & Peanut
Katie and Peanut were our first two Dachshunds.We love them very much. Peanut, the male, informed me my wife had a problem by whining at the bedroom door. I entered the room and found that my wife was having a heart attack. He is our hero, he saved her life.
David C
Madison, Hazel Green, AL Madison, Hazel Green, AL

Stryker my Show Dog Stryker my Show Dog
Stryker my Show Dog
He is a show dog and a mini dachshund from 4-h. He is AKC registered and he was the first boy of the boys in his litter. I show him and I've bred him.
Mackenzie Bernier
Washington Washington

Pilot Pilot
He is the coolest dog ever, I can not describe in words what Pilot has done for me over the years. Always happy to see me, loves cudling with me.
Carien Le Roux
Gauteng, Johannesburg Gauteng, Johannesburg

Katasline Katasline
Not Forgotten
She is very cute, , Her pet Name is Katty... She is very fast about cats and Rats... And Yes She love to play with childs... she is now about 2 yrs.. She love to eat papaya.. and mango...
Kawal Sandha
Fatehabad, Haryana Fatehabad, Haryana

The Boys The Boys
The Boys
This is our little boys, Jack and Dempsey. Jack is the smooth coat and Dempsey is longhair. They make us laugh everyday! Love you boys.
S Shafer
Oregon Oregon

Dash Dash
He is the best dog ever and we love him. Hope you do too. He is 1 year as of 2010. Standard, reversed dapple, good with kids, good with cats (kinda).
Lindsay B.

Ensign Duffy Ensign Duffy
Ensign Duffy
"Duffy" is a very special little lad. He has the ability to "diagnose" internal medical ailments. Recently I dislocated my left shoulder and unknown to me, had nearly severed the rotator cuff. Duffy sat on the arm rest of my recliner with his snout up under my T-shirt sleeve gently licking it one day after I injured it. When I went to place an ice pack on it, he actually leaned on the towel-covered pack to keep it in place for nearly 20 minutes without moving. My surgeon is amazed!
Kathryn Demary
Carlsbad, California Carlsbad, California

Bree, Isabella Dapple Ml Bree, Isabella Dapple Ml
Bree, Isabella Dapple Ml
Bree is a beautiful little long coat Isabella dapple miniature dachshund.
Donnia Harvey
Monticello Ms. 39654 Monticello Ms. 39654

Jules Jules
Jules, my little devil! He is the "brother" of my angel Cibelle!
Anny G
Liège Liège

Cibelle Cibelle
Cibelle my little beauty. She is an angel.
Anny G
liège liège

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