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Rusty Rusty
Rusty is a shelter adoption. We were considering going to visit a breeder for a retired chi we saw in an add posted in the classifieds. Decided to visit our local shelter first. Turned out to be the best day ever! Rusty was just four months old. Still young and easy to train. He adapted to our Ohana (Family) Quickly. He is Totally spoiled rotten. Once someone asked my children Who is the one who gets the most attention.. They all responded, "RUSTY! "
Linda Z
Hawaii Hawaii

Maggie and Thea Maggie and Thea
Maggie and Thea
This is Maggie and Thea (Amber color)Thea is a rescue and had severe mental and physical scars to overcome but with the love of her step sister Maggie she is much better and as you can see worships her sis.........
Courtney McMillan
California, USA California, USA

Chloe Chloe
Miss Chloe is 7 months old. She is wearing her Santa collar. She doesnt like it very much, but endured it long enough to have her picture taken. She loves the camera, and does not shy away from it. She rules the roost at home, and is spoiled totally rotten.
Pebbles Little
Monroe NC Monroe NC

Maime Maime
Maime is 9 months old and the 3rd puppy added to my family, her best dog friend is a yorkie papillion cross named Stanley- she even gets up in the night to visit him. She loves to run around outside with Stanley and her big friend Jazz. Shes so sweet, loving and affectinate. I dont know what i would do without her.
Beth Marie
Alberta Canada Alberta Canada

Beans Beans
After losing my little dog of 15 years I decided to adopt another dog. I adopted a 9 year old Chihuahua, named Beans. It was a slow process to win him over but we are stuck on each other now. While cleaning out my summer clothes he decided it was the best bed yet! On a recent dog walk for charity little Beans decided my arms were the best mode of travel, not to mention, we took a short cut to the finish line.
Carolyn K
Greene, New York Greene, New York

Rizzo & Ripley Rizzo & Ripley
Rizzo & Ripley
Rizzo and Ripley are best friends! Rizzo is the brown one who is 7 years old and Ripley is 3 years old. We adpoted Ripley from our local SPCA shelter. They are amazing!
Carrie Summerfield
Ontario Ontario

Little Man Finnegan Little Man Finnegan
Little Man Finnegan
Little Man is a 5 year old smooth coat Chihuahua. He is a very animated little boy. He grins and uses little words although their meaning is known only to himself. He is very popular with visitors because he is so sweet and charming. He stands up and walks in circles using only his back legs. He loves the other members in his pack and plays mostly with the other boys. He can be a very mischievous little devil, too.
S. Donovan
New Hampshire New Hampshire

Yoda Yoda
Yoda is a 6 year old Long Coat who came from rescue. He is a wonderfully sweet little gentleman. He is the alpha in his pack and he considers it his responsibility to protect us all from dangerous intruders such as the the postal employees and delivery people from companies like UPS, Fedex, etc. His bark sounds very much like a little quack. When he is happy he spins in circles. He also rubs his face on my legs and feet like a little kitty.
S. Donovan
New Hampshire New Hampshire

Tequila Rose Tequila Rose
Tequila Rose
tequila , as small as she is, survived parvo. we did everything to pull her through. in return she's been the most wonderful loving pet. when my son almost died it was as if she knew my agony. when i cried she licked my tears and would lay her head on my shoulder. shes gotten me through lifes heartahes. shes loved so much and gives so much love back
V. Vargas
New Mexico, USA New Mexico, USA

Squirt Squirt
Purebred chihuahua, 10 months old, male, 5.2 pounds.
Ashley Fuller
New York New York

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