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Lady Giselle Lady Giselle
Brussels Griffon
Lady Giselle
giselle os almost 5 months, she is our first toy breed, we are GSD owners! she is a delight!
Carolyn Clark
texas texas

Alfie Alfie
Brussels Griffon
Alfie is my super cute, super tiny brussels griffon. My baby, part of the family and truly the best thing that ever happened to me and my partner. We love him immensely and even though he is only 5 months old we couldn't imagine our lives without all 1.2kgs of him!
Bryony Robinson
Wellington Wellington

Jetzig Ghostface & Jetzig Gossipgirl Jetzig Ghostface & Jetzig Gossipgirl
Brussels Griffon
Jetzig Ghostface & Jetzig Gossipgirl
Two adorable puppies out of year 2008 breeding! Both have won Best of Breed Puppy awards.
Gaby Kennel Jetzig
Sweden Sweden

Samson Samson
Brussels Griffon
He always loves to play. he likes to watch dog shows and adores treats
Kora K
Usa Usa

Pierre Pierre
Brussels Griffon
This is my dog Pierre in his Halloween costume. He can be a little snobby to strangers until he gets to know them. His name fits him well!
Shawn Carroll

Squirt Squirt
Brussels Griffon
Adorable, precious, spoiled, light of our lives. 2.7 lbs of energy & love. Adores everyone & all my furbabies.
Mystique X
Missouri, USA Missouri, USA

Sprout Sprout
Brussels Griffon
Sprout is my 4 year old Griffon! He is my best friend and only dog. We show in all types of show classes together, and he always gathers attention. He is the most loyal dog I know!
Mila Young

Bat Bat
Brussels Griffon
She is a black smooth coat Brussels Griffon, and her face looks like a little insect Bat so that is her name.
Charlene Messer

Trixie Surrett Trixie Surrett
Brussels Griffon
Trixie Surrett
Trixie is the sweetest dog ever!!! She even likes the neighborhood cat!! Her best friends are Pepper and Katy!! She loves to go to grammy's house. She is a recent graduate of obedience school - not exactly the top of her class, but she gave it an excellent effort!
Kevin Surrett

Bugsy Siegel Bugsy Siegel
Brussels Griffon
Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy is our little bundle of joy! He is the most loving dog on earth, his favorite place to be is sleeping right on my shoulder or head!!!!
Amy Siegel
Boston, MA Boston, MA

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