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Peter Ma Peter Ma
Basset Hound
Peter Ma
Hi, my name is Hiroshi Ma. I was born in July 2016. I heard people say I am kind of smart but stubborn. They say I am greedy but healthy. I only obey orders for treats. I also tear up everything I see especially sleepers and shoes. I love playing with empty plastic bottles and rags. I smell almost everything from rotten socks to savoury cooking. I pee and poo on our balcony.
Peter Ma
Kunming,Yunnan,China Kunming,Yunnan,China

Corkey's Adele Corkey's Adele
Basset Hound
Corkey's Adele
Beautiful Adele, European and American champ bloodlines.
Nancy Corkey
United States United States

Bubbels Bubbels
Basset Hound
He is just my best friend. Cant thank him enough for being in my life, cant imagine life without him. loves going to the beach for a swim and lovesssssss to bark.
Berdine Heydenrych
Richardsbay, KZN Richardsbay, KZN

Bullet Bullet
Basset Hound
This is my dog bullet. As you can see he doesn't live up to his name!
Tom Derby
Cornwall Cornwall

Blue Blue
Basset Hound
Blue is a typical Basset he is a rogue, a rebel and the most lovable boy I have ever had the pleasure to own. He loves to play with his lifelong friend Poe who is a PUG.
Lynda Thomson
England England

Bogie Bogie
Basset Hound
Bogie is 4 years old. He is a member of Pet A Pet, we go to the nursing home in our area and he cheers the folks up.
B Joseph
Michigan Michigan

Colt and Ruger Colt and Ruger
Basset Hound
Colt and Ruger
Colt (Tri) & Ruger (brown & white) are 2 1/2 year old hounds that protect the house from the terrorist squirrels. In their down time they love lure chasing a stuffed animal platypus toy, snuggling the momma on the couch, belly rubs, walks around the block, stealing momma's socks out of the laundry basket, and riding in the SUV. In their view all humans are put on this earth to pet them...my husband calls them pet hookers.
Michele S
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Maize Maize
Basset Hound
She is extremely affectionate.
J Marin
Alberta Alberta

Sid Sid
Basset Hound
Sid is now 4 months old and is the most lovable dog. He has to be within arm's reach at all times and loves sleeping on my chest/stomach. I am so lucky to have him as a part of my family.
Shawna Walker
Stockton, CA USA Stockton, CA USA

Zola Zola
Basset Hound
I am almost human. I have a Basset and a Daschhound brother and two Basset sisters. I rule the pack and most of the time the whole household. I have a kennel outside "my" house, I would like to give it away, cause I never use it anyway. I love my family and love to play
Gerhard Zeelie
Western Cape Western Cape

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