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Isis and Zumi Isis and Zumi
American Eskimo Dog
Isis and Zumi
Isis and zumi are sister. They love to have play time together but, they also love to have separate time with us. They love to go for car rides.
Lacey Martinosky
usa usa

Mr. Bud (Buddy) Mr. Bud (Buddy)
American Eskimo Dog
Mr. Bud (Buddy)
Buddy is a 11 years old, and weighs around 13 pounds. My wife and I couldn't have ever asked for a better dog/companion. He always puts a smile on our face with his love, happiness, and the funny things he does. Some of his favorite things include; riding in the car, going on walks, chasing cats, running around in circles, eating crunchies, sleeping, and giving mommy kisses.
Russ and Colleen Sullanese
Visalia, Ca Visalia, Ca

Ruby Ruby
American Eskimo Dog
her name is ruby and she like various fruits like orange, watermelon, mango. she like to maintain her body.
Seema Rajoli
maharashtra (mumbai) maharashtra (mumbai)

Jingles Jingles
American Eskimo Dog
She is so sweet and loves Kids.
Jason Bowling
Mississippi Mississippi

Angel Angel
American Eskimo Dog
She is very naughty and wants to play all the time. Would like to go for walk...... She is 4. 5 years old...
Anjs Negi
New Delhi New Delhi

Avalanche And Addelyn Avalanche And Addelyn
American Eskimo Dog
Avalanche And Addelyn
Avalanche "Avi" and Addelyn "Adi" spend the day playing at the lake. We really enjoyed the slide :0)
Stacie R.
Northeast Missouri Northeast Missouri

Beauty Beauty
American Eskimo Dog
Hi you all. My dog is very beautiful and her name is Beauty. She is very funny and her color is white and her eyes are blue.
Roro Amoury
Bierut Bierut

Tinkerbelle Tinkerbelle
American Eskimo Dog
She is a very funny dog, and she loves to run around and jump on little boys.
Sydney Young
Florida Florida

Teddi & Ty Teddi & Ty
American Eskimo Dog
Teddi & Ty
American Eskimo brothers born April 2007.
Cindy Woody
Ilion, NY Ilion, NY

Nikki and Ally Nikki and Ally
American Eskimo Dog
Nikki and Ally
Beautiful and smart, my Nikki is 14 years old and still can run the legs off of a younger dog. My Ally is gentle , sweet and goofey. She lives with painful ailments yet you would never know it and has outlived her doctor's projections by many years. My girls have been the light of my life and have helped me through some hard times of my own. Faithful, loving and beautiful, my American Eskimos have it all.
Tracey Star Meyer

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