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Kai-Kai & Kira Kai-Kai & Kira
Kai-Kai & Kira
Angela Harris
Erie Pa Erie Pa

Bolt aka Bo Bolt aka Bo
Bolt aka Bo
Bolt aka Bo is a strong and active white Akita Inu with a strong will towards a peaceful home and a nice walk everyday. Can be mischievous at times, but always open to love and a good meal.
Oklahoma, USA Oklahoma, USA

Lola Lola
Very loving and watchful protector. Dedicated to keeping strays and critters away from her home and master. Has a Akita Inu Bolt A. K. A Bo as a companion also.
Oklahoma,USA Oklahoma,USA

Shiki and Kizzy Shiki and Kizzy
Shiki and Kizzy
These are my girls Shiki and Kizzy, they are half Sisters, i have had Akitas since i was 8, i love them so much i could not have another breed, they really brighten up my day when i get home from work and show so much love, this breed really do have big hearts with enough love to go around.
A Tidman

Daisy Daisy
Not Forgotten
Daisy is a lovable girl who is allways begging for walks. After a long day she will lie by the fireplace and fall into sleep. But when the doorbell rings she jumps up and barks her head off. We all love her.
Emily Landson
london london

Timber Timber
Timber is my boy, my protector and my best friend forever.
John Babb
Milford NH Milford NH

Bear Bear
Not Forgotten
he is 7 month and c
David W
england england

Rexter Rexter
This is Rexter and his soulful gaze. He is 14.5 years old, and everyday makes me smile and feel lucky we have his companionship. In his younger days he figured out and would open sliding glass doors to come into the house. He also likes to be involved in activities, and continues to sit/lay down in strategic locations where he has full view of everyone. He has a sense of humor and makes us laugh. He is a good dog, and he is my heart.
Jen Wu
California, USA California, USA

Carling Carling
this is carling he is a lovely dog very friendly loving we rescued him from the kennels and now cant be without him
Shaun Alison H W
yorkshire yorkshire

Rocky Rocky
rocky is nearly two years old and is a beautiful dog with beautiful markings. he is very affectionate and entertaining. loves bed but doesnt want one in his kennel, loves hanging his head out the car window but not air blown in his face. he is a very comical and special dog. does everything different, thats why i love him!
C Irwin
northern ireland northern ireland

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